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South America

[1] Brazil (Federal District): human case


[2] Utah (Washington, Salt Lake and Weber Counties): bats, dogs, human exposure

[3] Texas (Collin County): bat, possible human exposure

[4] North Carolina: fox, human exposure

[5] Massachusetts: coyote, human exposure

[6] Georgia: fox, human exposure

[7] New York: fox, human exposure

[8] North Carolina (Brunswick County): fox, human exposure















South America

[1] Brazil (Federal District): human case

Date: Tue 5 Jul 2022

Source: Play Crazy Game [edited]





日付:2022年7月5日 火曜日

情報源:Play Crazy Game [編集済] URLは省略


Health Department confirms 1st case of human rabies after 44 years in DF



The Health Department of the Federal District (SES-DF) confirmed, this Tuesday (5 Jul 2022), the 2nd case of human rabies in the history of the DF. Until then, according to the ministry, the only notification in the capital had been in 1978.


ブラジリア連邦直轄区の保健局 (SES-DF) は、今週の火曜日 (2022年7月5日)、直轄区において史上2例目となるヒト狂犬病の症例を確認した。同省によると、これまでに、首都における届出は1978年のみであった。


Because of the case, the SES-DF decided to bring forward the start of the rabies vaccination campaign, starting next Wednesday (6 Jul 2022).

The folder should disclose more information about vaccination sites on Tuesday afternoon (5 Jul 2022).


この事件のため、SES-DFは狂犬病予防接種キャンペーンを来週の水曜日 (2022年7月6日)から前倒しで開始することを決定した。



Rabies is a zoonotic disease -- which passes from animals to humans and vice versa -- transmitted by a deadly virus involving the central nervous system, leading to death after a short evolution. The transmission of the disease occurs when the rabies virus existing in the saliva of the infected animal penetrates the body through the skin or mucous membranes, through a bite, scratch or lick.


狂犬病人獣共通感染症である。--動物からヒトへ、またその逆にも伝染する。--中枢神経系を犯す致命的なウイルスによって伝染し、短い展開(経過)の後に死に至る。 感染した動物の唾液に含まれる狂犬病ウイルスが、咬傷、引っかき傷、あるいは舐めることで皮膚や粘膜を貫通して体内に侵入することにより感染する。


Disease symptoms


In humans, the symptoms are characteristic transformation, restlessness, sleep disturbance, dark dreams; changes in (light) sensitivity, burning, tingling and pain appear at the bite site; these changes last 2 to 4 days. Subsequently, a picture of hallucinations emerges, accompanied by fever; the period of disease state begins, for 2 to 3 days, with fear of air and water currents, of varying intensity. Periodic seizures appear.




ヒトでは、症状は特徴的な変化が見られる。落ち着きのなさ、睡眠障害、悪い夢である。 (光)感受性の変化、咬傷部位における灼熱感、チクチク感、痛みが現れる。これらの変化は2~4日間継続する。その後、発熱を伴う幻覚の状態が現れる。病状の期間は、さまざまな程度の恐風及び恐水を伴って、2~3日間続く。定期的な発作が現れる。


In animals, there is difficulty in swallowing, profuse salivation, change in behavior, change in eating habits, paralysis of the hind legs. In dogs, the barking becomes different from normal, resembling a "hoarse howl", and bats, with the change of habit, can be found during the day, at unusual times and places. According to SES-DF, the last diagnosed case of rabies in dogs was in 2000 and, in cats, in 2001.


動物では、嚥下困難、大量の唾液分泌、行動の変化、採食行動の変化、後駆の麻痺がある。犬では、吠え声が通常とは異なる「かすれた遠吠え」に似ており、コウモリは行動習慣の変化により、日中に、異常な時間と場所で見られる。SES-DFによると、最後に犬で狂犬病と診断されたのは 2000 年で、猫では 2001 年であった。


How to prevent


- take domestic animals to be vaccinated against rabies annually;

- always seek the Health Service in case of aggression by animals;

- keep your animal under observation if it attacks someone;

- do not let the animal loose on the street and use a collar/lead on the dog when going out.




- 家畜に狂犬病の予防接種を毎年受けさせる。

- 動物による攻撃された場合は、常に医療処置を受ける。

- 動物が誰かを攻撃した場合は、その動物を監視下に置く。

- 路上に動物を放たない。また、外出するときは首輪やリードを使用する。


How to collaborate with Health Services on rabies control measures:

- notify the existence of stray animals in the vicinity of your home;

- report the abnormal behavior of animals, whether they are aggressors or not;

- report the existence of bats of any species;

- arrange for the delivery of animals for collection of material for laboratory examinations, in cases of death of animals with suspected rabies or from an unknown cause.



- 家の近くに放浪動物がいることを知らせる。

- (ヒト・動物への)攻撃があったか否かにかかわらず、動物の異常な行動を通報する。

- あらゆる種類のコウモリの存在を通報する。

- 狂犬病が疑われる動物や原因不明で動物が死亡した場合に、実験室での検査のための材料を収集するため、動物の輸送を手配する。


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[2] Utah (Washington, Salt Lake and Weber Counties): bats, dogs, human exposure

Date: Thu 30 Jun 2022

Source: KSL.com [edited]





日付:2022年6月30日 木曜日

情報源:KSL.com [編集済]  URLは省略


Three bats infected with rabies, humans and dogs exposed to the disease in Utah


Utah health officials on Thursday [30 Jun 2022] confirmed 3 cases of rabies in bats that exposed humans and dogs to the disease.






"The humans received preventive vaccines, and the dogs received boosters and a 45-day home quarantine because they were up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations," the Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement.




The bats were found in Washington County, Salt Lake County, and Weber County, according to Hannah Rettler, an epidemiologist with the Utah Department of Health and Human Services.


コウモリはワシントン郡、ソルトレイク郡、ウィーバー郡で発見されたとユタ州の保健当局の疫学者であるHannah Rettlerは述べた。


"The location really doesn't matter," spokeswoman Charla Haley said. "There is a risk when being around any wild animals regardless of location."


「(発見された)場所は本質的に問題ではない。 その場所に関係なく、野生動物の近くにいるとリスクがある。」と広報担当者のCharla Haleyは述べた。


Health officials noted a bite or scratch from an infected mammal can transmit rabies. Exposure through bats is the leading cause of human death due to rabies in Utah. The state averages about 15 rabid animals reported every year, according to the statement.


感染した哺乳動物に咬まれたりひっかかれたりすると、狂犬病が伝染する可能性があると保健当局は指摘した。コウモリを介した曝露は、ユタ州における狂犬病によるヒトの死亡の主な原因である。 声明によれば、ユタ州では毎年平均約15頭の狂犬病動物が報告されている。


In 2021, 5 people in the U.S. died from rabies, the department said.




If an unvaccinated pet is exposed to rabies, officials said they either need to be kept in professional isolation for 4 months or euthanized.




"Keeping your pet current on its rabies vaccines is the most important and affordable way to protect you and your pet from rabies," the department said.




Bat's teeth and claws are so small a bite or scratch "may not be seen or even felt by the injured person," according to the statement. Symptoms of rabies may not appear for weeks to months after exposure. All exposures should be reported, officials said.




Rabies symptoms begin similar to the flu, then include anxiety, confusion, abnormal behavior and delirium. Officials noted once those symptoms begin, the disease is typically fatal in humans.




"If you find yourself near a bat, dead or alive, do not touch, hit, or destroy it and do not try to remove it yourself," said Rettler.


「もしあなたがコウモリの近くにいることに気付いた場合、その生死にかかわらず、コウモリに触ったり、叩いたり、(死体を)損壊したりしないこと。また、自分で取り除こうとしないこと。」と Rettler 氏は述べた。


Those who find a bat should contact their local animal control office or the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to collect the animal for rabies testing.




Signs of rabies in pets include changes in normal behavior, aggression, attacking without reason, foaming at the mouth, lack of interest in food or water, staggering or paralysis. [Other signs may include a sudden and uncharacteristic shyness, or being withdrawn from normal behavior or routine. - Mod.TG]




"Infected wild animals may also act uncharacteristically tame or unafraid of humans. Infected bats may be seen flying around during the daytime, resting on the ground, or may show no noticeable signs at all," officials said.




More information about how to protect yourself and your pets from rabies can be found at epi.health.utah.gov/rabies.





[Byline: Ashley Imlay]


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[3] Texas (Collin County): bat, possible human exposure

Date: Fri 1 Jul 2022

Source: MSN.com [edited]




日付:2022年7月1日 金曜日

情報源:MSN.com [編集済] URLは略


Collin County health department warns of possible rabies exposure at community pool


Health officials in Collin County, Texas, are warning residents about a possible exposure to rabies at a community pool on Friday [1 Jul 2022].




テキサス州コリン郡の保健当局は、金曜日 [2022 年 7 月 1 日] に地域のプールで狂犬病に曝露された可能性があったことを住民に警告した。


Collin County Health Services said the possible exposure happened at the Heritage Celina Homeowner's Association community pool on Stanford Lane.




According to the health department, a bat was seen in and around the pool on Friday afternoon [1 Jul 2022].


保健局によると、金曜日の午後 [2022 年 7 月 1 日] にプール内とその周辺でコウモリが目撃された。


The department said the bat may have rabies due to its reported behavior. The bat has not yet been located.


当局は、報告された行動からコウモリに狂犬病が発生している可能性があると述べた。 コウモリはまだ発見されていない。


The county health department is now asking anyone who may have had physical contact with the bat to call the department's epidemiology program as soon as possible.




The department's number during regular business hours is 972-548-4707. However, if they need to be reached this weekend -- Friday through Monday [1 to 4 Jul 2022] -- residents should call the Collin County sheriff's dispatch at 972-547-5350 and ask for the epidemiologist on call.


保健局の当該部門の電話番号は、通常の営業時間中は 972-548-4707 である。ただし、今週末 (金曜日から月曜日[2022 年 7 月 1 日から 4 日]) に連絡を取る必要がある場合、住民はコリン郡保安官派遣所(972-547-5350) に電話し、疫学者に電話で連絡する必要がある。


Parents should ask their children if they had contact with the bat, the department said.




Collin County Health Services said rabies can be transmitted to humans through an infected animal's saliva. Rabies is preventable if treated before symptoms arise, the department said.




[Byline: Alex Cruz]


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[4] North Carolina: fox, human exposure

Date: Sat 9 Jul 2022

Source: The Charlotte Observer [edited]




日付:2022年7月9日 土曜日

情報源:The Charlotte Observer [編集済] URLは略


Rabid fox bites man in NC -- the 3rd attack in this county in weeks, officials say


A man was bitten by a fox which later tested positive for rabies, making him the 3rd victim of a rabid fox attack in the same North Carolina county in less than a month, officials said. The fox bit the man just before 6 a.m. on [3 Jul 2022] in Ash, according to a bite report from the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office. The animal was euthanized and tested positive for rabies on [6 Jul 2022]. Ash is about 140 miles [225 km] south of Raleigh. The man, [SG], was visiting his parents when he encountered the animal, he told WECT. "At the time, I didn't know what it was," he told the outlet. "I thought it was a cat, you know, at first, but it latched on to me and was not going to let go until I ripped it from my body." A rabid fox attacked 2 people in separate incidents in Brunswick County in late June [2022]. The animal was captured and euthanized, and both the bite victims received rabies vaccinations.




ある男性がキツネに咬まれた。後にそのキツネは検査で狂犬病陽性と判明し、同じノースカロライナ州で1か月足らずで狂犬病のキツネの攻撃を受けた3人目の被害者となった. ブランズウィック郡保安官事務所の咬傷事故報告によると、2022 年 7 月 3 日の午前6時になる少し前に、アッシュでキツネが男性を咬んだ。動物は安楽死させられ、2022 年7 月 6 日に狂犬病の検査で陽性を示した。アッシュはローリーの南約225キロにある。その男性 [SG] は、両親を訪ねたときに、この動物に遭遇したと WECT に語った。「その時、私はそれが何であるかわからなかった。」と彼は語った. 「最初は猫だと思ったが、体にしがみついて、体からはぎ取るまで離れようとしなかった。」 この事故とは別に、2022 年 6 月下旬ブランズウィック郡で狂犬病のキツネが 2 人を襲撃した。動物は捕獲されて安楽死させられ、咬傷の被害者は両方とも狂犬病の予防接種を受けた。


A rabid fox bit another person in May [2022], according to the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office. "All mammals are susceptible to rabies," but in North Carolina, the disease is most often found in skunks, raccoons, bats and foxes, according to the state's Department of Health and Human Services.


ブランズウィック郡の保安官事務所によると、2022 年 5 月に、別の狂犬病のキツネが人を咬んだ。ノースカロライナ州の保健省によると、「すべての哺乳類は狂犬病に感受性であるが、ノースカロライナ州では、狂犬病はスカンク、アライグマ、コウモリ、キツネに最もよく見られる。」とのことである。


[Byline: Madeleine List]


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[5] Massachusetts: coyote, human exposure

Date: Wed 6 Jul 2022

Source: Erie News Now [edited]




日付:2022年7月6日 水曜日

情報源:Erie News Now [編集済] URLは略


Coyote bites woman in parking lot of restaurant in Swampscott, Massachusetts


A Texas woman who is visiting family in Massachusetts is undergoing rabies treatment after she was bitten by a coyote in the parking lot of a restaurant in Swampscott.






[KE] said she was leaving Bertucci's at the Swampscott Mall on Paradise Road with her sister, Susan, Saturday night [2 Jul 2022] when the incident happened.


[KE](被害に遭った人の名?)は、土曜日[2022 年 7 月 2 日]の夜に、妹のスーザンと一緒に、パラダイスロードのスワンプスコットモールにあるBertucci's(レストランの名称)を出ようとしたときに、事件が起こったと述べた。


[KE] said she had just put her leftovers in the car and sat down in the driver's seat when she felt a strong bump on her thigh.


[KE] は、食べ残した物を車に積み込んで運転席に座ったところ、太ももに強い衝撃を感じたと述べた。


"I was thinking it was a puppy or a dog, and here's this coyote standing there looking at me," she said.




"She just let out this blood-curdling scream, and I had no idea why because I hadn't seen the coyote at all," her sister said.




"He frightened me, certainly," [KE] said. "I was holding a can of seltzer water and I threw it at him to get him away from the door so I could get in the car. I never expected one would walk up to the car and just put his head right in."




Once she was able to close the door, [KE] thought nothing of the encounter and drove to her childhood home in Salem.




"As I was driving home, I kept saying to my sister: 'This really hurts.' But it hadn't torn my pants or anything, so I just thought he bumped me really hard," she said.




She checked to see if there was bruising on her leg once she got to Salem and discovered blood on the inside of her pants.




This marks the 2nd instance within the past few weeks in which a coyote bit a person in Swampscott. The 1st attack happened [13 Jun 2022] in the parking lot of Santander Bank on Paradise Road, which is less than a block away from the parking lot where [KE] was bitten.


この出来事は、過去数週間で、コヨーテがスワンプスコットで人を咬んだ2 例目である。最初の咬傷事故は、2022年6 月13日に、[KE] が咬まれた駐車場から 1 ブロックも離れていない、パラダイスロードのサンタンデール銀行の駐車場で発生した。


[KE] said police told her people are leaving food out for coyotes, which is creating this problem in the town.


[KE] によれば、警察は彼女に、人々がコヨーテのために食べ物を置き去りにしており、そのことが、町でこの問題を引き起こしていると言ったそうである。


"This was a well-fed coyote," [KE] said. "To be able to wound someone like this, especially coming right into the car, if it's a child or a toddler or another animal, it’s really serious."


「これは、エサを十分に食べることができているコヨーテだった。」と[KE]は述べた。 「このように、誰かを負傷させることができるということは、本当に深刻である。特に車に乗り込むとき、それが子供、幼児、または他の動物である場合には。」


Swampscott Animal Control officers are reminding people not to feed wild animals, as it attracts them to humans and causes incidents like this.




Shortly before 10 p.m., NewsCenter 5 captured footage of the coyote in the Swampscott Mall parking lot Tuesday [5 Jul 2022] -- which is around the same time KE was bitten 3 nights earlier. That coyote appeared to be eating something in the parking lot.


2022年7月5日(火曜日)の午後 10 時少し前に、ニュースセンター5はスワンプスコットモールの駐車場にいるコヨーテの映像を撮影した。そのコヨーテは、駐車場で何かを食べているように見えた。


[Byline: Nathalie Pozo]


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[6] Georgia: fox, human exposure

Date: Wed 6 Jul 2022

Source: Fox 5 Atlanta [edited]




日付:2022年7月6日 水曜日

情報源:Fox 5 Atlanta [編集済] URLは略


Rabid fox bit 3rd Carroll County resident in 2 months, health officials say


Health officials are treating a 3rd person that has been bitten by a rabid fox in Carroll County in the last 6 weeks.


保健当局は、狂犬病のキツネに咬まれたキャロル郡の住民が、この2 か月で 3人になったと述べた。




The bite took place last Thursday [30 Jun 2022] near Lepard and Glenloch roads in Roopville, according to the health officials. The fox was captured and tested by state health officials. Results released on Wednesday [6 Jul 2022] confirmed the fox had the [rabies] virus.


保健当局によると、咬傷事故は先週の木曜日(2022年6月30日)、ループビルのレパード道路とグレンロック道路の近くで発生した。キツネは州の保健当局によって捕獲され、検査が行われた。2022年7月6日(水曜日)の発表によれば、検査の結果、キツネが 狂犬病ウイルスに感染していることが確認された。


The victim was told to begin taking the Post Exposure Prophylaxis to prevent human rabies.




Two other rabid foxes were caught in late May [2022], both within 2/10's of a mile [0.3 km] of each other near the area of Highway 78 in Villa Rica and Old Villa Rica Road in Temple.


2022年5月下旬、別の2匹の狂犬病のキツネが捕獲された。これらはヴィラリカのハイウェイ78とテンプルのオールドヴィラリカロードの近くで捕獲され、その場所は互いに 2/10 マイル [0.3 km] 以内の距離にあった。


That area is less than 9 miles [14.5 km] west of the Winston area of Douglas County where a fox was found dead after attacking a family dog. It also tested positive for the [rabies] virus.


その地域は、ダグラス郡のウィンストン地域から西に9マイル(14.5 km)足らずの場所にあり、そこで、飼い犬を襲ったキツネが死んでいるのが発見された。そのキツネは検査の結果、狂犬病ウイルスも陽性であった。


"If you notice a wild or nocturnal animal moving about in the daytime and the animal appears to show no fear of people or the animal seems to behave in a sick or abnormal way, the animal may be infected with rabies," said Melinda Knight, District 4 Public Health's environmental health director. "People should avoid animals acting out of character and report it to animal control or their local environmental health office."




Rabies, which causes encephalopathy, is easily preventable. Its symptoms include fever, headache, insomnia, confusion, hallucinations, a slight or partial paralysis, hypersalivation, and/or difficulty swallowing. Ultimately, the virus can be fatal.




"It is important to remember although rabies occurs more often in wildlife, domestic animals like the family dog or cat can become infected as well," she said.




The good news is it is treatable and preventable. For more information visit the Georgia Division of Public Health at www.dph.georgia.gov/rabies or the CDC at cdc.gov/rabies.


良いニュースは、それが治療可能で予防可能であることだ。詳細については、ジョージア州公衆衛生局(www.dph.georgia.gov/rabies) または CDC (cdc.gov/rabies) のウェブサイトを参照のこと。


Residents can also call the Carroll County Animal Control Office for more information or the Carroll County Environmental Health Office.





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[7] New York: fox, human exposure

Date: Wed 6 Jul 2022

Source: The Sun [edited]




日付:2022年7月6日 水曜日

情報源:The Sun [編集済] URLは略


Fox in Ticonderoga tests positive for rabies


The Essex County Health Department (ECHD) was notified Monday [4 Jul 2022] about a gray fox interaction involving multiple people and pets in Ticonderoga.




エセックス郡保健局 (ECHD) は、月曜日(2022年7月4日)に、タイコンデロガで複数のヒトやペットが巻きこまれたハイイロキツネとの相互接触について通知した。


Residents initiated a call for help through Essex County Dispatch 911 Call Center. A Department of Conservation (DEC) officer was requested to go to the location in Ticonderoga to handle the fox. The Health Department was called to provide additional guidance for people and pets.


住民は、エセックス911コールセンターを通じて助けを求める電話を開始しました。 自然保護局(DEC)の職員は、キツネを処理するためにタイコンデロガに行くよう依頼された。 保健当局は、人やペットのための追加のガイダンスを提供するために呼び出された。


"The animal was reported as overly aggressive, drooling and biting. It initiated contact with multiple pets and people," stated Jessica Darney Buehler, Director of Health Planning and Promotion for ECHD and the on-call staff who spoke with residents and the DEC officer.


「その動物(キツネ)は過度に攻撃的で、よだれを垂らし、咬みついていると報告された。それ(キツネ)は、複数のペットやヒトとの接触を開始した。」と、ECHDの健康計画および推進担当ディレクターであり、住民およびDEC職員と話をしたオンコールスタッフであるJessica Darney Buehlerは述べた。


"Because the behavior was consistent with rabies and there was potential exposure, I advised 3 people to pursue rabies post-exposure treatment immediately," added Buehler. "I also advised owners of pets and livestock to seek rabies boosters for their animals through veterinarians. Care for people, pets, and livestock is all underway."




The fox was submitted for testing and results returned confirmed it was positive for rabies. This is the 2nd confirmed case of rabies in gray fox this summer [2022]. Both were in the southeastern portion of Essex County.


キツネは検査に供され、返ってきた結果から、狂犬病陽性であることが確認された。これは、この夏 (2022年)に2番目に確認されたハイイロキツネの狂犬病の症例である。 どちらもエセックス郡の南東部で確認された。


To best protect people, pets, and livestock, ECHD recommends the following prevention actions:

  • Keep pets and livestock up to date with rabies vaccinations
  • Attend pets when outside and feed pets inside
  • Tightly cap garbage cans, birdseed and other food sources to avoid attracting wild animals to your yard


ヒト、ペット、家畜を保護する最良の方法として、ECHD は次の予防措置を推奨している。

  • 狂犬病の予防接種を受けてペットや家畜(の免疫状態)を最新の状態に保つ。
  • 屋外ではペットに付き添い、エサは屋内で与える。
  • 野生動物があなたの庭に引き寄せられないように、ゴミ箱、鳥の餌、その他の食料源にしっかりと蓋をする。


Those who have been exposed to saliva or brain tissue of a suspected rabid animal should:

  • Wash all wounds thoroughly with soap and water
  • Seek medical attention immediately
  • Report animal bites or possible rabies exposures to ECHD.



  • すべての傷を石鹸と水でよく洗うこと。
  • すぐに医師の診察を受けること。
  • ECHDに対して、動物の咬傷または狂犬病に曝露された可能性を報告すること。


If your pet or livestock have contact with saliva or brain tissue of a suspected rabid animal, contact your veterinarian for medical care and contact ECHD to determine what additional follow-up may be needed.




ECHD may submit wild animals and bats for rabies testing if they have had contact with humans or pets, or if they have displayed unusual behavior.


ECHD は、野生動物やコウモリが人間やペットと接触した場合、あるいは異常な行動を示していた場合、その野生動物やコウモリに対して狂犬病の検査を実施することがある。


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[8] North Carolina (Brunswick County): fox, human exposure

Date: Thu 7 Jul 2022

Source: WECT News 6 [edited]





情報源:WECT News 6 [編集済] URLは略


Man attacked by rabid fox in Brunswick County over the holiday weekend


[SG] and his family were excited for a fun holiday weekend visiting his parents in Ash, North Carolina. [SG] even woke up early Sunday morning [3 Jul 2022] to try and take in a beach trip.



-------------------------------------------------- --------------------

[SG] と彼の家族は、週末の休日にノースカロライナ州アッシュにある彼の両親を訪ねる楽しさに興奮していた。[SG] は日曜日(2022年 7月3日)の朝早く起きて、ビーチへの旅行に出かけた。


"I woke up about 5 and walked out of my parent's front door to go to the beach and watch the sunrise," he said.




That's when the unexpected happened. Out of nowhere, a wild fox attacked [SG] and latched onto his leg.


その時、予期せぬことが起こった。 どこからともなく、野生のキツネが[SG]を攻撃し、彼の足にしがみついた。


"I immediately recognized I was going to have to battle this animal," he said. "At the time, I didn't know what it was. I thought it was a cat, you know, at first, but it latched on to me and was not going to let go until I ripped it from my body."


「私はすぐに、この動物と戦わなければならないことを認識した。」と彼は言った。 「その時は、何かわからなかった。最初は猫だと思ったが、体にしがみついてきて、私がその動物を体から引き離すまで、離れようとしなかった。」


His family was immediately awakened by the commotion outside, even attempting to kill the fox themselves. They ended up calling deputies with the Brunswick County Animal Services who put down the animal.




"It even tried to attack them guys," said [SG]'s father. "But they kind of fought it back and everything."




Even worse, tests came back on Wednesday afternoon [6 Jul 2022] showing the fox had rabies. Now, [SG] has to go through intense treatments while his foot and ankle continue to heal.




"The treatments, I'll spare you some of the worst of it," [SG] said.

"But it's not something you want to go through. I spent quite a bit of time in the hospital and getting the injections directly into each of the wounds, and then additional vaccine in both arms."


「治療によって最悪の事態を避けることができます。」と [SG] は言った。「しかし、それは通常経験したいことではないでしょう。私は病院でかなりの時間を過ごし、各傷に直接注射を行い、その後、両腕に追加のワクチンを接種しました。」


[SG] and his family say they were left scarred after what happened. Considering this is the 3rd fox attack in the county in less than a month, he hopes people learn from this and are better prepared if they find themselves in a similar situation.


[SG]と彼の家族は、事件の後、傷が残ったと言った。1か月足らずの間で、郡内におけるキツネの攻撃が3 回目であることを考えると、彼([SG])は、人々がこの出来事に学び、同様の状況に陥った場合により良く備えられるようになることを願っている。


"Always be prepared," he said. 'You never know. This was a shocker. It could happen to anybody. I know. It's rare. But be prepared."

「常に準備をしておくことです。」と彼は言った。「わからないでしょうが、 これは衝撃的な出来事でした。 誰にでも起こりうることでもあります。珍しい出来事ではありますが、準備しておくことが肝心です。」


Experts with health services say if you are bitten by a wild animal, you should immediately call animal control. They say you should also clean the wound for 15 minutes with soap and water, and be able to provide an accurate description of the animal which attacked you.


保健局の専門家は、野生動物に咬まれた場合は、すぐに動物管理局に連絡する必要があると述べた。 彼らはまた、石鹸と水で15分間傷をきれいに洗い、あなたを攻撃した動物の正確な説明ができるようにする必要があると述べた。


[Byline: Anna Austin Boyers]


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[There are a number of human exposures in this rabies update. If you have a known bite, please use soap and water to wash the wound, thoroughly. Then seek medical care.


今回の狂犬病に関する記事のアップデートでは、多数のヒトへの曝露の報告がある。 咬まれたことがわかっている場合は、石鹸と水を使用して傷をよく洗い流してください。 その後、医療機関を受診してください。


"See your doctor for attention for any trauma due to an animal attack before considering the need for rabies vaccination. After any wounds have been addressed, your doctor -- possibly in consultation with your state or local health department -- will help you decide if you need treatment known as rabies postexposure prophylaxis (PEP). Decisions to start PEP will be based on your type of exposure, the animal you were exposed to, whether the animal is available for testing, and laboratory and surveillance information for the geographic area where the exposure occurred.




"In the United States, PEP consists of a regimen of 1 dose of immune globulin and 4 doses of rabies vaccine over a 14-day period. Rabies immune globulin and the 1st dose of rabies vaccine should be given by your health care provider as soon as possible after exposure. Current vaccines are relatively painless and are given in your arm like a flu or tetanus vaccine; rabies vaccines are not given in the stomach."

(Extracted from https://www.cdc.gov/rabies/symptoms/index.html)


「米国では、PEPは14日間のうちに行う1回のイムノグロブリン投与と 4 回の狂犬病ワクチンの投与で構成されている。抗狂犬病イムノグロブリン狂犬病ワクチンの 1 回目の接種は、曝露があった後、医療提供者によってすぐに行われる必要がある。現在のワクチンは比較的痛みがなく、インフルエンザや破傷風のワクチンのように腕に投与される。狂犬病ワクチンは胃には投与されない。



"Postexposure prophylaxis (PEP) consists of a dose of human rabies immune globulin (HRIG) and rabies vaccine given on the day of the rabies exposure, and then a dose of vaccine given again on days 3, 7, and 14. For people who have never been vaccinated against rabies previously, postexposure prophylaxis (PEP) should always include administration of both HRIG and rabies vaccine. The combination of HRIG and vaccine is recommended for both bite and non-bite exposures, regardless of the interval between exposure and initiation of treatment.




"People who have been previously vaccinated or are receiving preexposure vaccination for rabies should receive only vaccine. (People who may receive preexposure vaccination would include lab workers working with rabies samples, veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators, game wardens and other individuals working with animals in some capacity. - Mod.TG)




"Adverse reactions to rabies vaccine and immune globulin are not common. Newer vaccines in use today cause fewer adverse reactions than previously available vaccines. Mild, local reactions to the rabies vaccine, such as pain, redness, swelling, or itching at the injection site, have been reported. Rarely, symptoms such as headache, nausea,

abdominal pain, muscle aches, and dizziness have been reported. Local pain and low-grade fever may follow injection of rabies immune globulin.


狂犬病ワクチンとイムノグロブリンに対する副作用は一般的ではない。今日使用されている新しいワクチンは、以前に入手可能だったワクチンよりも副作用が少ない。注射部位の痛み、発赤、腫れ、またはかゆみなど、狂犬病ワクチンに対する軽度の局所反応が報告されている、まれに頭痛、吐き気、腹痛、筋肉痛、めまいなどが報告されている。 抗狂犬病イムノグロブリンの注射に続いて、局所的な痛みと微熱が生じることがある。」


"The vaccine should be given at recommended intervals for best results. Talk to your doctor or state or local public health officials if you will not be able to have your shots at the recommended interval. Rabies prevention is a serious matter and changes should not

be made in the schedule of doses. Patient assistance programs that provide medications to uninsured or underinsured patients are available for rabies vaccine and immune globulin.




"People cannot transmit rabies to other people unless they themselves are sick with rabies. PEP will protect you from developing rabies, and therefore you cannot expose other people to rabies. You can continue to participate in your normal activities." (Extracted from https://www.cdc.gov/rabies/medical_care/index.html)





Please keep your pets up-to-date on rabies vaccination or boosters. This is a protection for your pet as well as yourself. It does not matter if you always keep your pet indoors, it is still very important to keep your pet up to date on vaccinations. Bats can get into various spaces, and enter a house. They may just as easily bite your sleeping pet as you. Saving the life of your pet is important and a vaccine to prevent rabies is well worth the time and effort it takes to protect your pet. - Mod.TG



ProMED maps:

United States: https://promedmail.org/promed-post?place=8704334,106 Federal District, Brazil:https://promedmail.org/promed-post?place=8704334,46882]


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