狂犬病(25):マレーシア(SARAWAK) 人、ペット、野良犬



Date: Thu 7 Mar 2024 4:55 MST

日付:2024年3月7日(木)4:55 米国山岳部標準時
Source: New Sarawak Tribune [abridged, edited]

情報源:New Sarawak Tribune(要約、編集)

A total of 78 Sarawakians have been infected with rabies in the past 7 years with almost half of them contracting infections from their own pet dogs.
過去7年間で合計78人の Sarawak州の住人が狂犬病に感染しており、そのほぼ半数が自分のペットの犬から感染している。

Deputy Premier Datuk Amar Dr Sim Kui Hian in revealing this, said 38 cases involved infections from bites by their pet dogs while 20 cases were due to bites from stray dogs and 5 other cases involved bites or scratches from pet cats.
Sarawak州の副首相であるDatuk Amar(称号)の Sim Kui Hian博士によると、ペットの犬に咬まれて感染したケースが38件、野良犬に咬まれたケースが20件、ペットの猫に咬まれたり引っかかれたりしたケースが5件であった。

He said out of the 78 cases, 73 victims succumbed to the disease, with 2 passing away after initially surviving. "The highest number of deaths was recorded in 2023 with 20 deaths," he said in his Facebook post recently.

Dr Sim said for 2024, about 300 to 400 animal bite cases are being recorded per week, mostly involving stray or pet cats. He said that the Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) treatment for rabies now is only 99.9% effective compared to 100% previously.

"The estimated number of the dog population in Sarawak is about 250000. As such, we need everyone to play their role, do their part in our war with rabies, otherwise, more Sarawakians will succumb to the disease," he stressed.

He also said that last year [2023], more than 37 000 rabies vaccinations were carried out, but only 7000 dogs or cats received their 2nd dose.

"Your dog or cat needs yearly vaccination. Last weekend, MBKS together with DVS offered 150 subsidized neutering of dogs, but only 35 dog owners took up the offer.

Dr Sim said that the World Health Organization (WHO) has set a target for a rabies-free world by 2030.

[Byline: Amyra Varkisa]
(担当:Amyra Varkisa)

[According to the "The Star" news (dated 26 Jan 2024), "3 people have died from rabies in Sarawak this month (January 2024), bringing the total number of fatalities to 71 since the outbreak was declared in July 2017."
「The Star」ニュース(2024年1月26日付)によると、「今月(2024年1月)、Sarawak州で3人が狂犬病で死亡し、2017年7月に発生が宣言されて以来、死者総数は71人となった」という。

"The Sarawak Veterinary Services Department (JPVS) vaccinated a total of 564 dogs from January to 9 Mar 2024 in the Miri area. Sarawak's Transportation Minister announced that thus far, Miri has not recorded any rabies infection cases. However, he urged the Miri community to remain vigilant against the rabies epidemic, noting the high fatality rate associated with rabies infections.

Raising public awareness about rabies cases and anti-rabies vaccinations to both pet animals and stray dogs are vital for preventing rabies in humans and other animals. - Mod.TTM

ProMED map:
Sarawak, Malaysia:

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狂犬病(20):インド(MAHARASHTRA) ヒト、イヌ



Date: Wed 6 Mar 2024

Source: The Times of India [edited]

情報源:The Times of India (編集済)

A 21-year-old woman died of rabies while undergoing treatment at CPR Hospital late on Monday [4 Mar 2024] night, over a month after she was bitten by a stray dog and 3 days after completing the anti-rabies vaccination course.

The dog had bitten around 20 people, including her, between KMC Chowk and Bhausingji Road on 3 Feb [2024]. Dr Shishir Mirgunde, medical superintendent, CPR hospital, told TOI that the victim, [SS], had taken all the 5 doses of rabies vaccine (ARV) and an anti-rabies serum jab for passive immunity from the state-run hospital.
その犬は2月3日(2024年)、KMC ChowkとBhausingji Roadの間で、彼女を含む約20人を咬んだ。救急救命病院の医療責任者であるShishir Mirgunde医師がTOIに語ったところによると、被害者の(SS)は、狂犬病ワクチン(ARV)5回と受動免疫のための抗狂犬病血清注射をすべて州立病院で受けていた。

A resident of Vishalgadkar in the city's Nagala Park area [Kolhapur district, Maharashtra state], [SS] used to live with her sister and parents. Her father is an electrical contractor by profession. [SS]
had completed a bachelor's degree in commerce and worked as a graphic designer.
Nagala Park地区のVishalgadkar(Maharashtra州Kolhapur district区)に住む(SS)は、以前は姉と両親の3人で暮らしていた。父親は電気工事業者である。(SS)は商学部を卒業し、グラフィックデザイナーとして働いていた。

On 3 Feb, [SS] was on her way to Shaniwar Peth. She had stopped on the road to answer a phone call when suddenly the dog bit her left leg. Some local residents immediately took her to CPR hospital, where she received stitches for her wounds. As per medical protocol, anti-rabies vaccine was administered. She got her final dose of ARV last Friday.
2月3日、(SS)はShaniwar Pethに行く途中だった。彼女は電話に出るために道路で立ち止まったが、突然犬に左足を咬まれた。地元の住民がすぐに彼女を救急救命病院に連れて行き、傷口を縫合した。医療手順に従って、狂犬病ワクチンが投与された。彼女は先週の金曜日にARVの最終投与を受けた。

On Saturday, [SS] developed fever and lost strength in both her legs. She was admitted to a private hospital. As her condition worsened, several tests were conducted, and she was put on ventilator. Her test reports showed that she had been infected with rabies. [SS] was taken to CPR hospital at 8 p.m. for further treatment, but she breathed her last at 2 a.m.

[AS], the deceased woman's uncle, asked, "How did rabies occur despite the anti-rabies injection? Was the vaccine not kept at the required temperature? How is the city safe if someone loses life due to stray dogs?"

As a precautionary measure, [SS]'s family members were also given anti-rabies vaccine shots. Dr Mirgunde said, "The risk of rabies infection can be spread to others through blood or saliva. Therefore, such patients are kept in separate rooms to prevent spread of rabies. According to a worldwide study, 99.09% of people infected with rabies do not survive. People owning dogs should get their pets and themselves vaccinated. Those who were bitten by stray dog on 3 Feb [2024] should consult their doctors and go for medical check-ups as early as possible."

KMC health inspector Dr Vijay Patil said, "Sterilisation is the only solution available with KMC. Sterilisation campaign is being continuously implemented by KMC. Every day, 10-15 dogs are sterilized.Around 7500 dogs have been surgically sterilized since 2019. Two of our teams are entrusted with the task of trapping stray dogs and bringing them to Mangalwar Peth and Isolation centre for sterilization. Gram panchayats and municipal councils also need to participate in the sterilisation efforts."
KMCのVijay Patil衛生検査官は、「不妊手術はKMCが提供する唯一の解決策である。不妊手術キャンペーンはKMCによって継続的に実施されている。毎日、10から15頭の犬が不妊手術を受けている。2019年以来、約7500頭の犬が外科的な不妊手術を受けている。2チームが、野良犬を捕獲し、不妊手術のためにMangalwar Pethと隔離センターに連れて行く仕事を任されている。Gram村議会や市議会も不妊手術の取り組みに参加する必要がある。」と述べた。

In October last year [2023], a 4-year-old boy was attacked by a stray dog while he was playing in front of his house in the city's timber market area. The child had to be administered 5 stitches on his head. In the same month last year, a 10-year-old boy from Jagarnagar was seriously injured after he was attacked by around 6 stray dogs.

District health officer Rajesh Gaikwad said preventive vaccines worth INR 70-80 lakh [USD 84 569 - 96 650] are disbursed from the zilla [district] parishad funds through the health department for dog-bite cases.
Rajesh Gaikwad郡保健担当官によると、犬に咬まれた場合、保健局を通じてzilla(郡)議会から70~80ルピー(84,569~96,650米ドル)相当の予防ワクチンが支給されるという。

Dog bite vaccine classification

Class 1: Touching or feeding animals, licking intact skin, contact through saliva / contact with human excrement -- no vaccination required
Class 2: Abraded or non-bleeding wounds -- rabies vaccine only
Class 3: Single or multiple scrapes and bite wounds, skin contact through saliva -- rabies and rabies immunoglobin vaccine required

クラス2:擦り傷や出血のない傷 →狂犬病ワクチンの接種のみ


Preventive measures

Wash the wound caused by a dog or other animal bite with soap and running water. Apply a sterile dressing to the wound. Do not apply any harmful substances like chili, oil, or lime on the wound. Go to a government hospital immediately and take anti-rabies vaccine as per the doctor's advice. The vaccine schedule should be followed exactly. Vaccinate your pets from time to time.

[Byline: Rahul Gayakwad]
(担当:Rahul Gayakwad)
Communicated by:

["Kolhapur is a city on the banks of the Panchaganga River, in the west Indian state of Maharashtra"

It is painful to see that a 21-year-old woman in Kolhapur, Maharashtra state, has died from rabies despite having been vaccinated with the recommended doses of the rabies vaccine and receiving rabies immune globulin on day one of the virus exposure by a bite from a rabid dog. It is expected that the authorities concerned would investigate the sad incident to make clarification on why the vaccine and immunoglobulin administered, as recommended, failed in this particular case when the disease is vaccine preventable. - Mod.PKB
Maharashtra州Kolhapur市の21歳の女性が、狂犬病の犬に咬まれてウイルスに暴露された初日に、推奨された量の狂犬病ワクチンを接種し、狂犬病免疫グロブリンを投与されたにもかかわらず、狂犬病で死亡したことは痛ましいことである。狂犬病はワクチンで予防可能な病気であるにもかかわらず、なぜ推奨されたワクチンと免疫グロブリンの投与が失敗したのか、関係当局がこの悲しい事件を調査して明らかにすることが期待される。- モデレーターPKB

ProMED map of Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India:

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狂犬病(24):ベトナム(PHU YEN) 犬、人の暴露



Date: Wed 13 Mar 2024

Source: Tuoi Tre News [edited]

情報源:Tuoi Tre News (編集)

A free-ranging dog with probable rabies consecutively bit 7 people in Phu Yen Province, south-central Vietnam before locals beat it to death early this week [week of 10 Mar 2024], a health official confirmed on Tuesday [12 Mar 2024].
今週(2024年3月10日週)初め、ベトナム中南部のPhu Yen省において、狂犬病の可能性が高い放浪犬が7人を咬んだ後、地元の人々に撲殺されたことが火曜日(2024年3月12日)、保健当局によって確認された。

The dog, whose owner remains unknown, attacked the victims in Xuan Thanh Ward of Song Cau Town at around 5:00 pm on Monday [11 Mar 2024], said Chau Trong Phat, director of the Phu Yen Center for Disease Control.
Phu Yen疾病管理センターのChau Trong Phat所長は、飼い主不明の犬が月曜日(2024年3月11日)午後5時頃、Song Cau Town Xuan のThanh区で被害者を襲った、と述べた。

These victims include 5 aged between 4 and 17, according to the Song Cau Medical Center.
Song Cau医療センターによると、この被害者には4歳から17歳までの5人が含まれている。

Local health agencies encouraged the victims to visit the nearest healthcare facilities to get medical care and undergo an epidemiological investigation.

The Xuan Thanh administration told its subordinate units to find the owner of the suspected rabid dog, which was already fatally battered and had its carcass destroyed by local residents following its attack on the victims.
Xuan Thanh行政当局は、狂犬病の疑いがある犬の飼い主を見つけるよう下部組織に指示した。狂犬病の疑いのある犬は、被害者を襲った後、すでに致命的な打撃を受け、死体は地元住民によって処分されていた。

However, it is hard to search for the dog owner as they may deny owning an animal with suspected rabies, a local official said.

Nguyen Van Lam, head of the provincial animal health sub-department, told Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper that local authorities need to ramp up efforts to encourage residents to vaccinate their pets against rabies.
同省動物衛生局のグエン・ヴァン・ラム局長は、Tuoi Tre(青年)紙に対し、地元当局は住民にペットの狂犬病予防接種を奨励する取り組みを強化する必要があると述べた。

Those failing to comply with rabies vaccination requirements should be punished, Lam said. He recommended dog and cat owners to keep their animals muzzled.

If they found their animals are rabid, they should report it to animal health authorities or cull the sick animals, he continued.

[Byline: Hong Ngan - Nguyen Hoang]
(担当:Hong Ngan - Nguyen Hoang)

["Rabies is preventable through three proven, effective interventions:
1. Awareness of rabies disease engages communities and empowers people to save themselves by seeking the care they need. This includes an understanding of how to prevent rabies in animals, when to suspect rabies, and what to do in case of a bite.
2. Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) consists of a series of rabies vaccines and, in some cases, rabies immunoglobulin (RIG), administered after a suspected exposure to rabies. Appropriate wound management and prompt access to quality-assured PEP is almost 100% effective in preventing human rabies deaths.
3. Mass dog vaccination is a proven, cost-effective way to save human lives by stopping transmission of rabies at its source. While a variety of animal species can host rabies, dogs are responsible for 99% of human cases. Eliminating rabies in dogs is therefore key to sustainably preventing human disease"

  1. 狂犬病に対する認識を地域社会に浸透させ、必要な治療を受けることによって自らを救う力を人々に与える。これには、動物の狂犬病を予防する方法、狂犬病を疑うべき時期、咬まれた場合の対処法についての理解も含まれる。
  2. 曝露後予防(PEP)は、一連の狂犬病ワクチンと、場合によっては狂犬病免疫グロブリン(RIG)を、狂犬病への曝露が疑われた後に投与することである。適切な創傷管理と質の保証されたPEPへの迅速なアクセスは、ヒトの狂犬病による死亡をほぼ100%予防する効果がある。
  3. 犬の集団予防接種は、狂犬病の感染をその発生源で阻止することにより、人の命を救う費用対効果の高い方法であることが証明されている。さまざまな動物種が狂犬病を媒介する可能性があるが、ヒトの発症の99%は犬が原因である。したがって、犬の狂犬病を撲滅することは、人間の狂犬病を持続的に予防するための重要な鍵となる。

"WHO promotes the use of intradermal administration of modern cell culture rabies vaccines (with a potency of >2.5 IU per intramuscular dose) for PEP. Intradermal administration offers an equally safe and efficacious alternative to intramuscular vaccination. Intradermal vaccination reduces the volume of vaccine used by 60%-80%, is less costly and has potential to mitigate vaccine shortages. It requires only 1-2 vials of vaccine to complete a full course of PEP. Cost-effectiveness modelling shows that when compared with intramuscular vaccination schedules, intradermal schedules are cost effective and dose sparing in all settings, even if the number of new bite patients is as low as 5 per month"

"We need a paradigm shift to achieve the goal of zero human-dog-mediated rabies deaths by 2030. Community engagement and innovative tools and service delivery strategies will help to address a significant rabies transmission factor -- free-roaming dogs"

Free-roaming dogs are prevalent in local communities and pagodas, and in many instances, there is no specific owners but a common ownership. There should be an acceptable and bottom-up approach to prevent rabies through responsible dog ownership. Identification of dog or other pet owners in case of wrongdoing is sometimes difficult unless there is specific registration process, as the owners tend to deny their incurred responsibilities. - Mod.ST
地域社会や 仏教寺院では放し飼いの犬が蔓延しており、多くの場合、特定の飼い主がいるわけではなく、共有の飼い主がいる。責任ある犬の飼い方を通じて狂犬病を予防するためには、受け入れ可能なボトムアップのアプローチが必要である。犬やその他のペットがが悪事を働いた場合、それらの飼い主がその責任を否定する傾向があるため、特定の登録制度がない限り、飼い主の特定が困難な場合がある。- モデレーターST

ProMED map:
Phú Yên Province, Vietnam:

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狂犬病(19): 台湾(屏東)イタチアナグマ、第一報、注意喚起



Date: Fri 1 Mar 2024 23:39 EST

日付:2024年3月1日(金)23:39 (EST/米国東部標準時
Source: BNN News [edited]

情報源:BNN News (編集)

The Taiwan Animal and Plant Health Inspection Agency (APHIA) has confirmed the 1st case of rabies in a ferret-badger in Checheng Township, Pingtung County, signaling a significant health alert for the region. This occurrence marks an urgent call for increased wildlife monitoring and public vigilance in reporting dead animals.

Emergence of rabies in Pingtung County

On Monday [26 Feb 2024], a young ferret-badger displaying unusual aggression and abnormal behavior was captured by Pingtung County's Livestock Disease Control and Prevention team. The animal's condition deteriorated rapidly, leading to its death in quarantine by Wednesday [28 Feb 2024]. Subsequent tests conducted by the Veterinary Research Institute confirmed the presence of rabies in the ferret-badger, making it the 1st such case in the area. According to APHIA, rabies has been detected in 94 towns across 10 counties, with a total of 172 animals tested this year [2024]. Of these, 15 have been confirmed to have rabies, translating to a nearly 10% positivity rate.

APHIA's response and public advisory

In response to this outbreak, APHIA has emphasized the need for enhanced surveillance measures, particularly in Pingtung County. The agency has urged the public to play a critical role in controlling the spread of rabies by reporting any sightings of dead wild animals. Such community involvement is crucial for early detection and containment of the disease, minimizing the risk to both humans and animals. APHIA's Pingtung branch is spearheading efforts to improve monitoring strategies and ensure public safety.

Rabies: A persistent threat

Rabies remains a persistent threat to wildlife and domestic animals, with potential implications for human health. This recent case in Pingtung County serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and proactive measures in managing rabies risks. The collaboration between health authorities, local communities, and veterinary services is essential for effective surveillance, rapid response, and public education on rabies prevention.

The discovery of rabies in a ferret-badger in Pingtung County underscores the ongoing challenges in wildlife disease management and the critical need for public participation in reporting and prevention efforts. As APHIA and local authorities work to strengthen their response mechanisms, the community's engagement will be pivotal in safeguarding public and animal health against the rabies threat.

[Byline: Rafia Tasleem]
(担当:Rafia Tasleem)


Communicated by:

[Last year (2023), 3 Formosan ferret-badgers were confirmed as having had rabies, the first time the virus was detected in Miaoli County, the local Animal Care and Health Office reported on 9 Mar 2023 (see ProMED MBDS http://promedmail.org/post/20230318.8709012  and

( ProMED MBDS http://promedmail.org/post/20230318.8709012 および


"In Taiwan, rabies was reported in wildlife during 2013. The ferret-badger (_Melogale moschata subaurantiaca_) is considered the primary reservoir in Taiwan. By December 2022, rabies virus (RABV) had been detected in 889 ferret badgers, 9 gem-faced civets (_Paguma larvata taivana_), 1 puppy (_Canis lupus familiaris_), and 1 house shrew (_Suncus murinus_). Most cases were found at altitudes ranging between 200 m (0.12 mi) and 600 m (0.4 mi) on Taiwan Island. Here we report a rabies case in a yellow-throated marten (_Martes flavigulachrysospila_), listed as a Level III conservation-deserving species, in Taiwan"
台湾では2013年に野生動物における狂犬病が報告された。シナイタチアナグマ(_Melogale moschata subaurantiaca_)が主要な感染源と考えられている。2022年12月までに、889頭のイタチアナグマ、9頭のハクビシン(_Paguma larvata taivana_)、1頭の子犬(_Canis lupus familiaris_)、1匹のハツカネズミ(_Suncus murinus_)から狂犬病ウイルス(RABV)が検出された。ほとんどの症例は台湾島の標高200mから600mの間で発見された。本稿において我々は台湾でレベルIIIの保全対象種に指定されているキイロテン(_Martes flavigulachrysospila_)の狂犬病症例を報告する。


According to a research study by Lan et al., "The geographic information evidence...presented the notion that the infected animals have sporadically been found in the high mountain areas which shows the probability of how these animals carried the viruses and climbed through the mountain. The correlation of these infected animals in the mountain and human behavior needs to be identified in the future.

"Moreover, ecological studies on population density, seasonal movement, and eating behaviors of ferret-badgers (FBs) in Taiwan are necessary to understand the implications of these factors for rabies transmission among these animals, the interaction of FBs, and other kinds of wildlife living in the same environment. This information will be helpful to establish a more efficient surveillance system for understanding the dynamic changes of rabies epidemics in Taiwan. Also, the results can be applied for the development of effective oral rabies vaccines for rabies control among wild ferret-badgers in Taiwan. Moreover, the infectious case of rabies virus in human[s] has not been found in Taiwan area. Therefore, further virulence testing is suggested for the degree of cross-species transmission"
(https://www.hindawi.com/journals/bmri/2017/5491640/). - Mod.TTM

- モデレーター.TTM

ProMED map:
Taiwan: https://promedmail.org/promed-post?place=8715208,193]

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狂犬病(18):ベトナム(QUANG NINH) 人、イヌ



Date: Sun 3 Mar 2024 12:45 a.m. PT

Source: VN Express [edited]

情報源:: VN Express (編集)

Thirteen students and one teacher have been vaccinated and injected with anti-rabies serum after a rabid dog bit them this week.

The dog, whose owner has yet to be identified, attacked people at Duc Yen Primary and Secondary School in Dam Ha District in the northern province of Quang Ninh on Wednesday [28 Feb 2024]. All victims were taken care of medically and are now in stable condition, while the dog was captured and later tested positive for rabies.
飼い主がまだ特定されていないこの犬は、水曜日(2024年2月28日)に、北部Quang Ninh省Dam Ha地区のDuc Yen小中学校で人々を襲った。犬は捕獲され、後に狂犬病の陽性反応が出た。

Quang Ninh Center for Disease Control and Prevention has not recorded any rabies cases in humans this year [2024] even though over 480 people have received vaccines due to their exposure to 3 rabid dog clusters in the province.
今年(2024年)同省内の3つの狂犬病クラスターへの暴露により480人以上がワクチンを接種したにもかかわらず、 Quang Ninh省疾病管理予防センターでは、人の狂犬病の発症は1件も記録されていない。

"The clusters are now under control. All who were exposed to them have been vaccinated and are being monitored," the center said.

Dam Ha District authorities have committed to vaccinate all dogs and cats in the area in the upcoming days.
Dam Ha郡当局は、近日中にこの地域のすべての犬と猫にワクチンを接種することを決定した。

[Byline: Le Tan]
(担当:Le Tan)
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["Viet Nam recorded 82 deaths from rabies last year (2023), 12 more than in 2022, and 500 000 people were vaccinated after exposure to the virus. The most deaths were in Gia Lai (14), Nghe An (7), Binh Phuoc (7), Dien Bien (6), and Ben Tre (5) provinces"
ベトナムでは昨年(2023年)、狂犬病による死者が2022年より12人多い82人を記録し、50万人が狂犬病ワクチン接種を受けた。死者が最も多かったのはGia Lai省(14人)、Nghe An省(7人)、Binh Phuoc省(7人)、Dien Bien省(6人)、Ben Tre省(5人)であった。

According to the SGGP news (dated 3 Oct 2023), "each year nearly 100 Vietnamese people die from rabies, and more than 400 000 people who are bitten by dogs and cats have to be vaccinated. In the first 9 months of 2023, the country recorded 64 deaths due to rabies, an increase of 21 cases compared to the same period in 2022 in 26 provinces and cities. The Northern region had 25 cases of rabies while the South reported 15 cases, the Central region had 9 cases, and the Central Highlands had 15 cases. The Central Highlands Province of Gia Lai is the locality with the highest number of deaths due to rabies in the country (11 deaths) due to cat and dog bites without rabies
- Mod.TTM
SGGPニュース(2023年10月3日付)によると、「毎年100人近くのベトナム人狂犬病で死亡しており、犬や猫に咬まれた40万人以上が予防接種を受けなければならない」という。2023年1~9月、同国では狂犬病による死亡例が64件記録され、26省・市で2022年同期比21件増加した。北部地域では25件の狂犬病患者が報告されたが、南部地域では15件、中部地域では9件、中部高原では15件であった。中部高原地方Gia Lai省は、狂犬病予防接種を受けずに犬猫に咬まれたことによる狂犬病による死亡者数が全国で最も多い地方である(死亡者数11人)。- モデレーター.TTM

ProMED map:
Vietnam: https://promedmail.org/promed-post?place=8715187,152]

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Date: Thu 29 Feb 2024 11:14 ICT

Source: Tuoi Tre News [edited]

情報源:Tuoi Tre News (編集)

Viet Nam had recorded 18 deaths from rabies as of 20 Feb 2024 [since 1 Jan 2024], up 9 fatalities year on year, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Nearly 70 000 people suffering dog and cat bites received treatment at hospitals and got vaccinated against rabies during the 2-month period.

The figure rose 11% compared to the same period last year [2023]. The ministry has issued a dispatch asking relevant units to enhance efforts in the fight against rabies.

In 2023, the country reported 82 rabies-linked deaths, mainly in Gia Lai Province in the Central Highlands region, Binh Phuoc and Ben Tre Provinces in southern Vietnam, north-central Nghe An Province, and northern Dien Bien Province, a year-on-year increase of 12 people.

The ministry blamed the rise in fatalities caused by rabies on localities' poor management of dogs and cats. These animals roam freely on the streets, particularly in rural areas, without any leash
or muzzle, posing a potential threat to local residents, particularly children.

The efforts to administer anti-rabies vaccinations to dogs were not effective. In 2023, the national vaccination coverage rate against the deadly virus among dogs was a mere 50%.

Besides, harsh sanctions on those who let their pets out without a leash or muzzle are not imposed stringently. Meanwhile, many residents have yet to see the danger of dogs and cats infected with rabies.
そのうえ、鎖や口 輪をつけずにペットを外出させた者に対する厳しい制裁も課せられていない。また、多くの住民は狂犬病に感染した犬や猫の危険性をまだ認識していない。

The ministry proposed the authorities of provinces and cities step up efforts to detect and contain rabies hotspots, as well as prevent rabies infections. Localities must make a list of households which are raising dogs and cats, and ask them to vaccinate and take care of their pets carefully to prevent them from biting people. Dog and cat owners are required to keep their pets in cages, or muzzle them when they are taken to public places.

The ministry has set a goal for the nationwide anti-rabies vaccination rate among dogs and cats in 2024 to exceed 70%.

[Byline: Tieu Bac - Chi Tue]

(担当:Tieu Bac - Chi Tue)

Communicated by:

["Rabies cases are significantly underreported, and occur despite sustained efforts for universal vaccine access." Viet Nam's human rabies cases from 2015 to 2020 represent 7%, 10%, 9%, 13%, 13% and 15%, respectively, of the Western Pacific Region's total cases, as reported to WHO


"Unlike programs in developed countries, dog rabies vaccination programs in developing countries have not always been successful. Rates of postexposure prophylaxis in some developing countries are about 10 times higher than in the United States, and rates of human rabies are sometimes 100 times higher"


"People usually get rabies from the bite of a rabid animal. It is also possible, but rare, for people to get rabies from non-bite exposures, which can include scratches, abrasions, or open wounds that are exposed to saliva or other potentially infectious material from a rabid animal. Other types of contact, such as petting a rabid animal or contact with the blood, urine or feces of a rabid animal, are not associated with risk for infection and are not considered to be exposures of concern for rabies.

"Other modes of transmission -- aside from bites and scratches – are uncommon. Inhalation of aerosolized rabies virus is one potential non-bite route of exposure, but except for laboratory workers, most people won't encounter an aerosol of rabies virus. Rabies transmission through corneal and solid organ transplants have been recorded, but they are also very rare. There have only been 2 known solid organ donors with rabies in the United States since 2008. Many organ procurement organizations have added a screening question about rabies exposure to their procedures for evaluating the suitability of each donor.

"Bite and non-bite exposures from an infected person could theoretically transmit rabies, but no such cases have been documented. Casual contact, such as touching a person with rabies or contact with non-infectious fluid or tissue (urine, blood, feces), is not associated with risk for infection. Contact with someone who is receiving rabies vaccination does not constitute rabies exposure, does not pose a risk for infection, and does not require postexposure prophylaxis" (https://www.cdc.gov/rabies/transmission/). - Mod.ST

ProMED map:
Vietnam: https://promedmail.org/promed-post?place=8715146,152]

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In this posting:この投稿は
[1] Florida (Beach County): otter, dog, human exposure
[2] Georgia (Gwinnett County): raccoon, dogs
[3] Georgia (Glynn County): raccoon, dog
[4] Pennsylvania (Adams County): cat, human exposure
[5] Texas (Tarrant County): skunk, dogs
[6] New York (Oneida County): fox, human exposure


[1] フロリダ州 (ビーチ郡): カワウソ、犬、人暴露
[2] ジョージア州(グイネット郡): アライグマ、犬
[3] ジョージア州(グリン郡): アライグマ、犬
[4] ペンシルバニア州 (アダムス郡): 猫、人暴露
[5] テキサス州(タラント郡): スカンク、犬
[6] ニューヨーク州(オネイダ郡): キツネ、人暴露

[1] Florida (Beach County): otter, dog, human exposure

フロリダ州 (ビーチ郡): カワウソ、犬、人暴露
Date: Thu 11 Jan 2024 2024年1月11日(木)
Source: Grand View Outdoors [edited]

A 74-year-old Florida man was attacked and bitten by a rabid otter, sending the man to the hospital for treatment of multiple wounds on his hands, arms and legs. [JS], of Jupiter, Florida, was feeding ducks at a small pond near his home when he turned to leave. He heard the ducks flush, according to The Miami Herald, and turned to find an
otter walking down the bank toward him.

[JS] backtracked to a fence gate, but before he could get through it the otter attacked. It bit and scratched his feet and legs, and then [JS]'s arms and hands as he tried to fend off the crazed animal. It finally stopped but also attacked a neighbor's dog. [JS] had 41 wounds requiring treatment, and also received various vaccinations. The dog
was treated by a local veterinarian.

"I started to push it away, and it started to bite my hands," [JS] told WPTV. "One of the bites is on my pinkie, and it ripped the nail off the pinkie. [It] looks like the tooth went completely through my finger."

The otter was trapped under a recycling bin by the Jupiter Police Department. It then was captured in a cage by Palm Beach Animal Care and Control, and taken to the Florida Department of Health for rabies testing.

Coincidentally, the Florida attack happened 7 weeks after 3 women were attacked by an otter while floating on the Jefferson River in Montana. The 3 women were in the middle of the river and were unable to stand because of the depth. They kicked and punched at the otter, which finally moved away.
[Byline: Alan Clemons]

Communicated by:

[2] Georgia (Gwinnett County): raccoon, dogs

ジョージア州(グイネット郡): アライグマ、犬
Date: Thu 11 Jan 2024 09:06 EST 2024年1月11日(木)9:06
Source: WSB-TV News [edited]

Gwinnett officials are warning people of a potential rabies outbreak. On 4 Jan 2024, a rabid raccoon bit 2 dogs in Snellville, according to the Gwinnett Animal Shelter.

Officials said rabies can spread to people through a bite or a scratch [from an unvaccinated animal - Mod.TG]. The shelter encouraged pet owners to ensure their pets have the current rabies vaccination.

Officials also said if your child [or yourself] has been bitten or scratched by a stray animal, preventive rabies treatment is necessary.

Anyone in the area who has been exposed is asked to call the Gwinnett County Health Department and ask for the epidemiologist on call.
Communicated by:

[3] Georgia (Glynn County): raccoon, dog

ジョージア州(グリン郡): アライグマ、犬
Date: Fri 12 Jan 2024 16:51 EST 2024年1月12日(金)
Source: Yahoo News [edited]

The Glynn County Health Department is alerting residents in Brunswick about a raccoon having tested positive for rabies.

Several species of wild animals including raccoons, foxes, and bats can carry rabies. Feral cats and dogs can also carry this disease. Rabies is a potentially deadly virus primarily spread by infected animals.

Reports from the Glynn County Health Department state the raccoon was discovered in a family's shed on Blythe Island Highway yesterday [11 Jan 2024]. There are also reports of an encounter between the raccoon and the family's dog.

The racoon was quickly captured while the dog was rushed to the vet. The dog had previously been vaccinated against rabies and received its booster. The dog's owners did not report having any physical contact with the raccoon.

Reports state while captured, the racoon passed away.

The Glynn County Environmental Health office prepared a sample from the infected raccoon and delivered it to the lab on the morning of 12 Jan 2024. A positive rabies test result was reported at 2:00 p.m.

The dog's owners have been contacted with the results, and the dog will be placed on a 45-day quarantine.

The health department will provide guidance to the owners about post-exposure rabies treatment, encouraging them to follow the recommendations of poison control and their personal physician to determine the level of exposure they had to the racoon.

The Glynn County Environmental Health office wants to use this as an important reminder to avoid contact with wild animals and to keep your pets up to date on rabies vaccinations.

Follow these tips to protect you and your family from rabies:
- Avoid contact with animals you don't know.
- Make sure your pets receive the proper immunizations. Dogs and cats should get rabies vaccines after 12 weeks of age, followed by a booster shot within 1 year and vaccination every 1-3 years depending on veterinary recommendation and vaccine used.
- Do not handle, feed, or unintentionally attract wild animals with open garbage cans or by leaving pet food out at night.
- Never adopt wild animals or bring them into your home. Do not try to nurse sick animals to health. Call animal control or a properly licensed animal rescue agency for assistance.
- Teach children to never handle unfamiliar animals, wild or domestic, even if they appear friendly. "Love your own, leave other animals alone" is a good principle for children to learn.







Signs of rabies in animals include:
- Change in behavior
- Biting
- Aggression
- Showing no fear of natural enemies (such as humans)
- Foaming at the mouth
- Paralysis







If an animal ever bites you, seek medical care immediately and contact Glynn County Animal Control and the Glynn County Health Department Environmental Health office.

Communicated by:

[4] Pennsylvania (Adams County): cat, human exposure

ペンシルバニア州 (アダムス郡): 猫、人暴露
Date: Fri 12 Jan 2024 2024年1月12日(金)
Source: MSN [edited]

There was a confirmed case of rabies in Adams County earlier this week, according to the Adams County SPCA. In a Facebook post on Friday [12 Jan 2024], the county's SPCA wrote about a woman attacked by a stray cat when she approached it.

The woman was at an auto garage, along the intersection of Hanover Street and Rt. 94 in Oxford Township, when she saw a stray cat, out in the rain on Tuesday [9 Jan 2024]. When she tried to pick up the cat, it attacked her left hand and arm, the post reads.

The cat was trapped the next day [10 Jan 2024], taken to the SPCA to be humanely euthanized, and taken to the Pennsylvania Veterinary Laboratory (PALDS) to be tested for rabies virus. When the test results came back, it showed the cat had the [rabies] virus, the post reads.

The human nervous system is attacked by the rabies virus which can be contracted if an animal bites, scratches, or if their saliva gets in the eyes, nose, mouth, or an opening in the skin, according to the SPCA. It, however, can be completely preventable.

If one comes in contact with the virus they should contact their doctor immediately, the SPCA wrote. [If an animal you have interacted with is found to be rabies positive, it is important start the rabies post-exposure prophylaxis treatment immediately. - Mod.TG]

The SPCA offers the following tips on how to stay clear of exposure to rabies:


- All dogs and cats 3 months or older are required by Pennsylvania law to be vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian.
- Don't let pets just roam free.
- Do not keep your pet's food or water bowls outdoors because it can attract other animals.
- Do not touch or handle unfamiliar or wild animals even if they appear friendly.



[Byline: Jared Weaver]

Communicated by:

[5] Texas (Tarrant County): skunk, dogs

テキサス州(タラント郡): スカンク、犬
Date: Sat 13 Jan 2024 15:51 CST 2024年1月13日(土)15:51
Source: NBCDFW [edited]

Health officials are urging pet owners to vaccinate their animals against rabies following an attack on 2 dogs by a skunk in Bedford on Thursday [11 Jan 2024].

The Bedford Police Department said a woman was walking her 2 dogs near Silverwood Lane when they were approached by a skunk. The skunk reportedly attacked the dogs and was found dead in the same area a short time later by Animal Services officers.

According to Bedford Animal Services, skunks are not frequently active during the day because they are primarily nocturnal animals.
"The skunk will be tested for any diseases, and if there are any positive results that could be a concern to the community, the City will provide additional updates when available," Bedford Police said in a released statement.

The City of Bedford requires all dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies by 4 months of age and then at regular intervals under rules adopted by the Texas Health and Safety Code.
Communicated by:

[6] New York (Oneida County): fox, human exp

ニューヨーク州(オネイダ郡): キツネ、人暴露
Date: Wed 17 Jan 2024 12:50 EST 2024年1月17日(金)12:50
Source: WIBX 950 [edited]

The Oneida County Health Department confirmed the fox that attacked 3 people in Rome was rabid. The animal was killed by a private resident and its remains were sent in for testing at the New York State Department of Health Wadsworth Center.

Another person has since come forward about being exposed to the fox and is also undergoing post-exposure prophylaxis. This brings the total number of individuals exposed to the animal to 4; however, anyone who encountered the rabid fox is now strongly advised to seek immediate treatment as rabies is a fatal disease.

Even if no bite took place, residents are still urged to call and make an appointment.

As previously reported, The Oneida County Health Department and Rome Police say 3 people were attacked by the rabid fox around the Mohawk River and Black River Boulevard area over the weekend. The health department is also urging those who may have had contact with the fox to contact the OC Health Department and seek post-exposure prophylaxis, as it can save their life.

Said the health department, "Rabies is a deadly disease, and if you become exposed, it is vital to get appropriate care to avoid contracting rabies."

Mount Sinai says those exposed to a rabid animal have at least up to 14 days to receive post-exposure prophylaxis. Rabies is fatal and while there have been claims of humans surviving the disease, scientific papers about these cases have been retracted -- thus
casting doubt these claims are actually legitimate.

Additionally, authorities are also urging pet owners to ensure their pets' rabies vaccine is up to date amid a troubling rise of this deadly disease in the area.

Rabies on the rise in New York

County officials are strongly urging residents to learn how to recognize a potentially rabid animal and to teach their children to never play with unknown animals either wild or domestic.

Madison County Department of Health's Aaron Lazzara warned, "We are seeing more rabid animals this year than the last 2 years combined."

Additionally, officials urged pet owners to be aware of the growing number of reports of wild animals infected with rabies and ensure their pets are protected. [Be sure their rabies vaccine is current and up to date. If you have questions contact your veterinarian. - Mod.TG] Recently in Herkimer County, a family dog killed a rabid raccoon.
さらに、当局は、ペット飼育者に対して野生動物が狂犬病に感染した報告が増えていることに注意し、彼らのペットを確実に守るように呼び掛けた。[狂犬病ワクチンが最新のもので、更新されていることを確認してください。質問があれば獣医師に連絡してください- Mod.TG] 最近、ハーキマー郡で飼い犬が狂犬病のアライグマを殺した。

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, wildlife accounts for over 90% of all reported rabies cases. Skunks, foxes, raccoons, coyotes, and bats make up the majority of rabies cases in the United States, but the disease is capable of infecting horses, ferrets, cattle and other warm-blooded animals.

Rabies is transmitted through direct contact with an infected animal through its saliva or nervous system tissue. People can get infected if bitten from a rabid animal. [It is not always a bite, but may be saliva of a rabid animal in the eye or in a cut. - Mod.TG]

The Oneida County Health Department warned: "If you see an animal, wild or stray, with these signs, do not approach it and stay away. If any animal is acting strangely, call your local animal control officer for help. If you are concerned you may have been exposed to a rabid animal or find a bat in your home, call Oneida County Health
Department for guidance."

Signs and symptoms of the disease include drooling or foaming from the mouth, abnormal or aggressive behavior, paralysis, seizures, difficulty swallowing, and self-mutilation.

The disease is always fatal, which is why officials stress the importance of vaccinating your pets against rabies. It's also the law. New York mandates all pet owners vaccinate their dogs, cats, and ferrets by the time they're 4 months old.

Even if you have an indoor-only pet, vaccinating it will protect your animal if it ever slips outside and encounters a sick animal. [There are cases of wild animals running into homes. While this is not usual, it does happen and such events can put you and your pet at risk of rabies. - Mod.TG]

Per Herkimer County officials: "Herkimer County Public Health would like to remind the public to please check your pets' rabies vaccination records to make sure they are up to date. If they are not up to date, make an appointment with their vet or Public Health as soon as possible to have them vaccinated against rabies."

If an unvaccinated pet is bitten by a rabid animal, it will need to be euthanized immediately as the disease is 100% fatal. There is also no USDA-licensed treatment or cure for rabies in unvaccinated domestic animals.

Lazzara noted vaccinating your pets does more than protect them against the virus. "We never want anyone to have to make a decision to euthanize an unvaccinated family pet having come in contact with a rabid animal," he said.

There are several pet rabies clinics scheduled in central NY in the new year [2024], but dates and locations have yet to be announced. Appointments are required. And while the clinics are free, the department requests a $10 donation per pet to assist with costs. To learn more about these clinics or find one closest to you, contact the Oneida County Health Department.
Communicated by:

[This is not the first time rabies has been reported in otters. They are wild mammals and all mammals are susceptible to the ravages of the rabies virus. We don't often hear about them, so this article should serve as a warning that cute fuzzy little critters who seem more clown than vicious animal are still susceptible to this horrible disease.

If you take your dog hiking or camping, it is especially important to keep them up to date on their vaccines. But likewise, even your house cat or pet dog need to be vaccinated for their protection and yours. There are reports of wild animals and bats getting into houses and biting both people and pets.

The best way to protect your pet is to keep it current on its vaccination. It also is appropriate to be alert on your walks or even bringing in the groceries. Attacks by rabid animals can happen in a town or city just as easily as on the trail or in the rural areas.

Most states have regulations in place that mandate animals 4 months or older must be vaccinate against rabies.

If you are bitten, seek medical help immediately. This is a deadly disease. Post-exposure prophylaxis is available through a physician or sometimes your county health department but you will learn where when seeking out medical help if you are bitten.

Please recall even large animals -- horses, cows, pigs, sheep, and goats -- are also susceptible to this disease. - Mod.TG

ProMED maps:
Florida, United States:
Georgia, United States:
Pennsylvania, United States:
Texas, United States:
New York State, United States:

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Rabies (03): Americas (USA) cat, fox, otter, coyote, human exposure
Rabies (02): Americas (USA) raccoon, cat, human, dog exp
Rabies (57): Americas (USA) raccoon, cat, human exp
Rabies (53): Americas (USA) fox, human exp
Rabies (50): Americas (USA) cat, dog, human exposure
Rabies (49): Americas (USA) fox, human exp
Rabies (48): Americas (USA) cat, dog, raccoon, human exp
Rabies (47): Americas (USA) skunk, alert
Rabies (45): Americas (USA) dog, skunk, raccoon, fox, human exp
Rabies (44): Americas (USA) bat, human exp
Rabies (43): Americas (USA) fox, bat, human exp
Rabies (42): Americas (USA) dog, cat, fox, raccoon, human exp
Rabies (40): Americas (USA) bat, human exp
Rabies (39): Americas (Canada, USA) bat, fox, kitten, raccoon, human
Rabies (38): Americas (Canada, USA) bat, fox, human
Rabies (37): Americas (USA) cat, fox, raccoon, human exp
Rabies (34): Americas (USA) cat, dog, skunk, bat, human exp
Rabies (30): Americas, USA (FL, NC) cat, fox, dog, human exposure
Rabies (28): Americas, USA, cattle, imported dogs, corr.
Rabies (28): Americas (USA) cattle, imported dogs
Rabies (26): Americas (USA) fox, raccoon, dog, human exposure
Rabies (13): Americas, USA (CO, PA) dog, cow, human exposure
Rabies (12): Americas, USA (SC, CT) raccoon, dog, human exp.
Rabies (11): Americas, USA (FL) raccoon, alert
Rabies (10): Americas, USA (SC) goat, human exposure
Rabies (09): Americas, USA (NY) raccoon, alert
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