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[1] Zimbabwe (Midlands): human, dog, donkey, cow, cat
[2] South Africa (Limpopo, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal): human, dog
[3] Morocco (Casablanca-Settat): human, dog
[4] Spain (Mellila, N. Africa) ex Morocco: dog

[1] ジンバブエ(ミッドランズ):ヒト、イヌ、ロバ、ウシ、ネコ

[2] 南アフリカ、リンポポ、東ケープ、 クワズールー-ナタール:ヒト、イヌ
[3] モロッコカサブランカ=セタット地方)ヒト、イヌ

[4] スペイン(北アフリカスペイン自治都市メリリャ):イヌ、モロッコからの移入
[1] Zimbabwe (Midlands): human, dog, donkey

Date: Fri 20 May 2022
Source: The Herald (Zimbabwe) [abridged, edited]

One person died from rabies in Mberengwa district last week after being bitten by an infected dog, while several domestic animals have died from the disease since the beginning of the year [2022].


The Department of Veterinary Services is presently carrying out a vaccination exercise against rabies in the Midlands to mitigate livestock mortality. The vaccination programme is targeting dogs with the thrust to reduce the spread of the disease.


Statistics show that over 20 domestic animals which succumbed to rabies included 6 donkeys, 10 dogs, 4 cows, and one cat since January [2022] after they were bitten by infected dogs this year.


Veterinary Provincial Director for Midlands Dr Martin Sibanda said the department was carrying out vaccination of rabies to all dogs in hotspots in the province to curb the spread of the disease. Dr Sibanda urged all people who were in contact with infected animals to go to hospital and seek treatment and also visit the nearest veterinary department to have their dogs vaccinated.

 ミッドランズ地方獣医療局長官のMartin Sibanda獣医師は、病気の蔓延を防ぐために、当局が地域においてこの疾病の発生した場所の全てのイヌに対してワクチン接種を行っていると述べた。Sibanda獣医師は、感染した動物と接触したすべての人々に対して、病院へ行って治療を行うよう、また、彼らの飼い犬にワクチン接種を行うため最寄りの獣医療局へ行くよう求めた。

Communities were encouraged to report early to their nearest veterinary offices if they suspect cases of rabies and strange behaviour from their animals.


"Mass vaccination of dogs should be done twice a year, but because of limited resources, we are not able to do it. Dogs that are found with rabies are put down to prevent rabies from spreading to people and other animals.


"All dog owners should ensure that their dogs are vaccinated. If anyone is bitten by a suspicious dog, they should seek medical attention soon after they are bitten. We also encourage people to bring their dogs for vaccination," he said.


Dogs are infected by jackals, but generally an infected dog infects other unvaccinated dogs, which in turn attack livestock and people.


Last year, 5 people died from rabies in Midlands after being bitten by infected dogs.


[Byline: Precious Manomano]

Communicated by:
ProMED Rapporteur Mahmoud Orabi

[ProMED map of Midlands Province, Midlands, Zimbabwe:

[2] South Africa (Limpopo, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal): human, dog

南アフリカ、リンポポ、東ケープ、 クワズールー-ナタール:ヒト、イヌ

Date: Wed 1 June 2022
Source: IOL [edited]

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) has confirmed 3 new cases of human rabies in South Africa. In its latest monthly update, the NICD said 2 more cases were reported in Limpopo, and one case in the Eastern Cape.


"In addition, 2 deaths from the Eastern Cape are reported as probable rabies cases; however, this could not be confirmed by laboratory testing," the NICD said.


In total, 7 human rabies deaths have been laboratory confirmed this year in South Africa as of 20 May [2022].


The Eastern Cape has reported 3 cases; Limpopo, 3 cases; and KwaZulu-Natal, one case.


In addition to the confirmed cases, 4 probable human rabies cases are recorded from the Eastern Cape.


The 5 rabies cases reported from 21 Apr to 20 May [2022] involved children between the ages of 2 and 14.


"In 4 of these cases, dog bite histories were reported.


"For one case the exposure history remains unclear.


"In 3 of the cases, no rabies post-exposure prophylaxis was sought or provided, and for the remaining 2 cases, vaccination was provided with no rabies immunoglobulin," the NICD said.


The administration of rabies immunoglobulin, a medication made up of antibodies against the rabies virus and used to prevent rabies following exposure, by infiltration of all wound sites, is critical.


Communicated by:
ProMED Rapporteur Mahmoud Orabi

[ProMED map of South Africa:

[3] Morocco (Casablanca-Settat): human, dog


Date: Fri 27 May 2022
Source: Hespress (Casablanca) [in Arabic, trans., abridged, edited]

A child, some 5 years old, died after being bitten by a dog, at the level of Shams in the Al-Sawalim Al-Tarifa commune in the Berrechid region.

ベレチド州Al-Sawalim Al-Tarifa共同体のShamsで、5歳くらいの子供がイヌに咬まれた後に死亡した。

According to local sources, the child, bitten 2 weeks ago by a dog that belongs to a neighbor, was transferred to the local clinic in the Al-Sawalim Al-Tarifa community.

現地の報道によると、その子供は2週間前に近所の飼い犬に咬まれ、Al-Sawalim Al-Tarifa共同体の診療所に入院していた。

The child continued to receive treatment but died on Wednesday [25 May 2022] evening.


Communicated by:
ProMED Rapporteur Mahmoud Orabi

[Berrechid is a town and municipality in Berrechid Province of the
Casablanca-Settat region of Morocco; see map at
https://tinyurl.com/y8m5v2jr. - Mod.AS]

[4] Spain (Mellila, N. Africa) ex Morocco: dog

Date: Wed 8 June 2022
Source: Melilla Hoy [in Spanish, trans., edited]

Melilla has registered the 6th case of rabies so far this year [2022] in a dog that slipped across the border on 26 May [2022] and spent only 15 minutes in the autonomous city.


This positive case has been confirmed this Tuesday [7 Jun 2022], and it has not been necessary to adopt any prophylactic measure, since the animal was captured shortly after entering Melilla.


Specifically, the State Security Forces and Bodies operating at the border immediately notified the Animal Protection Service of the Local Police, which allowed the animal to be captured and transferred to the Domestic Animal Reception and Observation Center.


While in the Reception Center, he presented, in the opinion of the veterinarians of the General Directorate of Public Health and Consumption, symptoms compatible with rabies, which was confirmed this Tuesday [7 Jun 2022], after his death, in the reference laboratory.


The dog was in Melilla territory for a very short time until it was captured by the local police, although an epidemiological investigation was carried out by Public Health to identify contacts in people or animals, in collaboration with the local police, without needing to take any prophylactic measures.


Melilla has been on alert level 1 for rabies since the end of last year [2021].


[Byline: Paqui Sanchez T.]

Communicated by:
ProMED Rapporteur Mahmoud Orabi

[Mod.CRD's commentary in ProMED post
http://promedmail.org/post/20211024.8699231 is applicable:

"Spain (peninsular territory and islands) has been free of terrestrial rabies since 1978, with the exception of the case of rabies imported from Morocco declared in June 2013. The vaccination campaigns carried out in dogs gave excellent results, eradicating the disease in the entire national territory. Only in the Autonomous Cities of Ceuta and Melilla are there sporadically imported cases of rabies, in dogs and some horses.
(translated from Spanish)


"Spain has a National Surveillance Program for Rabies in animals. See the full document (in Spanish) at
- Mod.CRD"


The tiny Spanish (semi) enclave of Melilla sits on the northern shores of Morocco's Mediterranean coast, surrounded by the Moroccan state. It
enjoys local autonomy and has its own government. See a map at
https://tinyurl.com/mwxwnd53. - Mod.AS]


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