RABIES (24):アメリカ大陸 (カナダ、南米、合衆国) 動物、 ヒト 暴露及び死亡



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[1] Nunavut territory: dog, fox
South America
[2] Brazil (Minas Gerais): human (suspected, fatal)
[3] Argentina (Misiones): calf, human exposure USA
[4] Texas (Denton County): cat
[5] Virginia (Fairfax County): coyote, dog and human exposure

[1] Nunavut準州: イヌ、キツネ

[2] ブラジル (Minas Gerais州): ヒト (疑い、致死的)
[3] アルゼンチン (Misiones州): 子牛、ヒトの暴露

[4] テキサス州 (Denton郡): ネコ
[5] バージニア州 (Fairfax郡): コヨーテ、イヌ及びヒトの暴露

[1] Nunavut territory: dog, fox
Date: Wed 1 Jun 2022 4:51 p.m. EDT
Source: Nunatsiaq News [edited]

[1] Nunavut準州: イヌ、キツネ

A domestic dog in Kugaaruk has been euthanized after it killed a fox that showed possible signs of rabies, the Health Department said Wednesday [1 Jun 2022].

The department also reported tests done on a dog that died after being attacked by a fox in Whale Cove last month [May 2022] have come back positive.

担当局はまた、先月[22年5月]Whale Coveでキツネに攻撃された後死亡したイヌの狂犬病検査が陽性であったことも報告した。

"Due to the danger of rabies, we advise all residents to be on the lookout for foxes in the area," said spokesperson Chris Puglia in a news release.

Chris Puglia報道官は報道発表の中で「狂犬病の危険性に基づき、同地区のすべての市民に対しキツネを警戒する事を勧める」としている。

He said anyone who has been bitten or scratched by a fox or a dog should immediately go to the local health centre and report the incident.


"Treatment must be started quickly after exposure, as rabies infections are almost always fatal," Puglia said.


He said domestic animals spending time tied up outdoors should be monitored for a change in behaviour and possible signs of rabies, including behaving strangely, staggering, frothing at the mouth, choking, or making unusual noises.


Animals exhibiting these signs should be avoided and reported to the regional environmental health office or to the conservation officer, Puglia said.

これらの兆候を示す動物には近づかないようにして、地区の環境健康局(the regional environmental health office)または自然保護官(the conservation officer)に報告するように述べた。

Residents who spot foxes or wolves wandering close to communities should also contact the conservation officer, he said.


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South America
[2] Brazil (Minas Gerais): human (suspected, fatal)
Date: Sun 29 May 2022
Source: Play Crazy Game [edited]
[2] ブラジル (Minas Gerais州): ヒト (疑い、致死的)

A 4-year-old indigenous child died this Saturday (28 May 2022) of suspected human rabies, in Belo Horizonte. The girl was hospitalized at the João XXIII Emergency Hospital, in the Center-South region, after being transferred from the countryside. If contamination is confirmed, this would be the 4th death from the disease in Minas in
2022 alone.

Belo Horizonteの4歳の原住民の子どもが、この週末土曜日(22年5月28日)に狂犬病の疑いで死亡した。その少女は、地方から移送され、中央南部地区(the Center-South region)にあるヨハネ23世記念救急病院に入院していた。感染が確定すると、2022年だけでもMinasでこの病気の4例目の死者である。

According to the Minas Gerais State Health Department (SES-MG), the case was reported last Friday (27 May 2022), in Bertópolis, in the Jequitinhonha Valley. The child from the Maxakali tribe had viral encephalitis, an infection of the nervous system causing inflammation of the brain.

Minas Gerais州健康局(the Minas Gerais State Health Department: SES-MG)によれば、この症例は先週金曜日(22年5月27日)に、Jequitinhonha Valley のBertópolisで報告された。そのMaxakali族の子どもは、脳の炎症を起こす中枢神経系への感染である、ウイルス性脳炎に罹患していた。

The Air Operations Battalion of the Fire Department was activated and transported the child to the capital of Minas Gerais yesterday [28 May 2022].
昨日[22年5月28日]消防局の航空部隊が、Minas Gerais州首都まで、その子どもを搬送した。

To confirm the disease, some materials were collected and sent to be examined. SES is now awaiting the results of laboratory tests. So far, 3 cases have been confirmed.

The 1st record is of a 12-year-old male patient who died in early April [2022]. The 2nd is from a teenager, also 12 years old, certified on 19 Apr [2022]. The girl died days later. According to SES, both cases are related to bites by the same bat.

The 3rd case was confirmed on 26 Apr [2022] after tests found a 5-year-old boy had also died from rabies.


According to the Minas Gerais Government, the individual did not show signs of "bite or scratch by a bat." The case remains under epidemiological investigation to identify the circumstances of the infection.

Minas Gerais州政府によれば、この症例にはコウモリによる咬傷または搔傷は認められなかった。この症例は、感染原因を特定するため、疫学調査が行われている。

Through a note, the Minas Gerais State Health Department emphasizes that, as soon as it was notified of the 1st suspected case, it adopted, together with the Special Indigenous Sanitary District/DSEI MGES and the Pole area team, "immediate and continuous measures for the prevention and control of anger in the locality."

Minas Gerais州健康局は、感染の可能性がある最初の症例を検知した直後から、Minas Gerais州及びEspirito Santo州(MGES)の先住民族特別衛生地区(the Special Indigenous Sanitary District/DSEI)及びPole地区担当チームと合同で「即時且つ継続的な、地域住民の不満を予防及び制御する対策」を導入したことを公表した。

The secretariat also informs the last case of death from human rabies in Minas Gerais had been registered in 2012, in the municipality of Rio Casca. "SES-MG also highlights the importance of looking for the nearest health unit to assess the need to adopt prophylactic measures (administration of vaccine and/or serum) in case of any incident with
wild or domestic mammals, especially bats, dogs, and cats," he says.

事務局員も、Minas Gerais州で最近の狂犬病によるヒトの死亡は、Rio Cascaの自治体で2012年に発生した症例が最後だったと発表した。「SES-MGは、野生または飼育化にあるほ乳類、特にコウモリ、イヌ、そしてネコが関わる事件が起きた場合には、予防措置を行う必要があるか評価するため、最寄りの医療機関を受診する重要性も強調している」と述べた。

[Byline: Jenni Smith]

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[While this case does not have confirmation of rabies yet, it appears likely the testing will return as a positive. Regardless of the test outcome, we extend our sympathies to the family of the child. - Mod.TG]

[ この症例は、現時点では狂犬病が確定はしていないが、結果は陽性で返ってきそうに思える。検査結果にかかわらず、子どものご家族にお悔やみ申し上げる。-Mod.TG]

[3] Argentina (Misiones): calf, human exposure

[3] アルゼンチン (Misiones州): 子牛、ヒトの暴露
Date: Sun 12 Jun 2022
Source: Zyri [edited]

A calf possibly infected with rabies was stolen by rustlers who distributed the meat in shops. It happened in the Andre Municipality of Comandante Andresito, Misiones. Now an entire town is on alert, and the local authorities ask the population to not consume meat of unknown origin.

狂犬病感染が疑われた子牛を、牛ドロボウが盗み、肉の小売店に卸した。事件は、Misiones州、Comandante Andresitoの基礎自治体であるAndreでおきた。現在、地元当局は、市民に対し出所不明の食肉を消費しないように注意喚起している。

The episode happened on Sat 4 Jun [2022] at Paraje la Selva, where the men slaughtered the sick animal. It is estimated that some 100 kilos [220.5 lb] of meat, dangerous for human consumption, were distributed in different butcher shops in the town.

事件は、[2022年]6月4日(土)に、Paraje la Selvaでおき、男達が病気の動物を屠殺した。100kgほどの人に危害を加える可能性のある肉が、町の複数の肉屋に卸された。


Víctor Chamula, the president of the Andresito Livestock Association (AGA), reported that 3 criminals infiltrated the corral where he had isolated the animal under medical treatment. [Since rabies is untreatable, it may have been he was unaware at the time it could be rabies, and thus sought to treat the sick animal. - Mod.TG]

Andresito畜産協会(Andresito Livestock Association: AGA)のVíctor Chamula会長は、犯罪者3人が、彼が動物を治療するために隔離していた柵の中に侵入したと報告した。(狂犬病は治療不可能なので、その時点では、彼は狂犬病を疑えず、その為、当該患畜を治療しようと考えたのかもしれない。-Mod.TG)

Faced with this emergency situation, the municipality issued a statement to warn the residents of the theft of the infected calf and asked them to avoid consuming meat of unknown origin.


In this way, it seeks to prevent food poisoning, which can cause a lot of damage, and in extreme cases, death.


"Human lives are at risk. The problem is that today there are around 100 kilos of meat, and it is not known in which butcher shop, market, or freezer they are. Because of the rustlers, our population consumes meat without any type of control," Chamula told local media.


One of the criminals was captured and stated they paid him [the butcher? Or the calf owner? - Mod.TG] MXN 15 000 [USD 729] to help fish. In addition, he added he does not know where the meat was distributed. The other 2 involved in the crime remain fugitives.


The danger of rabies is that the infectious viral disease is mortal in most cases once clinical symptoms have appeared. The disease affects both domestic and wild animals and is spread to people usually by saliva through bites or scratches, according to the pharmaceutical group Sanofi.


In America, bats are the main source of infection in fatal cases of rabies, since transmission to humans through the bite of rabid dogs has been almost completely interrupted.


Transmission to humans may also occur through direct contact with mucous membranes or fresh skin wounds with infectious material, usually saliva. Person-to-person transmission from bites is theoretically possible but has never been confirmed.


The incubation period of rabies is usually 1-3 months [in humans - Mod.TG], but it can range from a week to a year, depending on factors such as the location of the inoculation point and the viral load.


The 1st manifestations are fever accompanied by pain or paresthesias at the site of the wound. Paresthesia is an unusual or unexplained tingling, prickling, or burning sensation. As the virus spreads through the central nervous system, a progressive inflammation of the brain and spinal cord leads to death.


The centers of zoonosis in municipalities throughout the country [saidthey] may apply the rabies vaccine free of charge for animals.

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[4] Texas (Denton County): cat

[4] テキサス州 (Denton郡): ネコ

Date: Sat 28 May 2022
Source: CBS News [edited]

Denton County Public Health (DCPH) officials announced today [28 May 2022] they had confirmed a cat found in northeast Krum was infected with rabies.


DCPH, who conducted the tests in partnership with the Texas Department of State Health Services, said any residents in or around Cory Court within the Dove Meadows community who came into contact with a stray cat between 8 and 18 May 2022 are encouraged to contact them immediately to speak with an epidemiology investigator.

Texas州健康局と協力し検査を行ったDCPHは、Dove MeadowsのCory Court及びその周辺の市民に対し、22年5月8日から18日の間にノラネコと接触していた場合は、早急に当局に申し出、疫学調査官に相談するよう促した。

"Rabies is a rare disease in domestic pets, but if contracted, almost always a fatal condition in humans," stated Dr. Matt Richardson, the DCPH director. "We want to know if anyone was exposed to this cat between these dates so they can begin a rabies vaccination series

DCPH局長のDr. Matt Richardsonは「狂犬病はペットでは稀な病気だが、罹患したヒトは、ほとんど致死的となる。この期間に、当該ネコに暴露したヒトは、早急に一連の狂犬病予防接種を開始する可能性があるため、把握したい。」と述べた。

"It's important to understand the clinical risk of even exposure to saliva from infected animals," said Dr. Marty Buchanan of the Denton County Health Authority. "You don't need to be bitten. Merely an exposure to fluids from these animals could be very dangerous. The rabies vaccine is effective in preventing people from getting rabies."

Denton郡健康当局のDr. Marty Buchananは、「罹患動物の唾液への暴露でさえ、臨床的なリスクである事を理解することは重要である。咬まれなくても、単に、これらの動物の体液に暴露するだけでも、大変に危険である。狂犬病ワクチンは、ヒトが狂犬病に罹患することを予防するために、効果的である。」と語った。

Officials said routes of exposure could include the cat nipping, biting, scratching, or even licking an individual. It's strongly recommended anyone exposed to the cat receive prompt postexposure prophylaxis. Without a rabies vaccine, the disease is fatal.


To protect yourself from rabies, DCPH offers the following tips:


- Leave all wildlife and unknown animals alone.
- If you are bitten, scratched, or potentially exposed to any animal, talk to your healthcare provider about whether you need postexposure prophylaxis. Rabies in people is 100% preventable through prompt appropriate medical care.
- Vaccinate your pets, and visit your veterinarian regularly to protect your pets and family.


More information about rabies, postexposure prophylaxis, and prevention can be found online at the CDC website (https://www.cdc.gov/rabies/). Information on rabies cases,
statistics, and vaccination in Texas can be found online on the DCPH website (https://dshs.texas.gov/idcu/disease/rabies/).


[Byline: Alex Keller]

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[5] Virginia (Fairfax County): coyote, dog and human exposure

[5] バージニア州 (Fairfax郡): コヨーテ、イヌ及びヒトの暴露

Date: Tue 7 Jun 2022
Source: The Washington Post [edited]

A coyote that bit 3 people before it was fatally shot by a police officer in Fairfax County has tested positive for rabies, and residents who were bitten are urged to get medical treatment.

Officials with the county's health department said a lab test performed Monday [6 Jun 2022] confirmed the coyote had rabies.


Rabies is a "serious disease caused by a virus infecting wildlife, particularly foxes, raccoons, skunks, and bats, and domestic animals, such as dogs and cats," the health department said in a statement. Humans who have been exposed to rabies can be treated with a series of shots.


Authorities from the county health department also said in the statement that rabies can be "passed along when an infected animal's saliva or central nervous tissue enters an open wound, mouth, nose, or eyes of another mammal."


The coyote bit 3 adults and 2 dogs over the weekend at Lake Accotink Park in the Springfield area. The park was closed over the weekend because of the incidents. A police officer was also bitten Sunday [5 Jun 2022] while looking for the coyote. The officer shot the animal, and it was later found dead nearby.

そのコヨーテは、週末にSpringfield地区のLake Accotink公園で、3名の成人と2頭のイヌを咬んだ。公園は、その事件を受けて週末に閉鎖された。1名の警官も、[2022年6月5日]コヨーテ捜索中に咬まれた。その動物は、咬んだ警官に撃たれ、後程死体が発見された。

Anyone who may have come in contact with the coyote should seek medical treatment and can call health officials.


[Byline: Dana Hedgpeth]

Communicated by:

[There is a wide array of locations and exposures in this rabies update, which serves as a reminder rabies does not respect geography, or environmental temperatures, or any mammal. So no matter where we roam, this zoonotic disease may not be far from us, and sadly in the form of a living animal or in what we may eat. Let us always be aware of this disease and our surroundings.

Rabies can be transmitted via a bite or scratch from an infected animal or if the animal's saliva or nervous system tissue lands in a cut or into the mouth or eye. While it is uncommon, rabies is documented to be able to be transferred through ingesting tissues of an infected animal. Consequently, the Argentinian authorities have good reason to be concerned about the amount of meat distributed from an infected animal. This could result in the loss of a lot of meat in the area, and hopefully no one will be a victim from the meat. - Mod.TG


ProMED map:
Americas: https://promedmail.org/promed-post?place=8703866,52913]

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