Date: Tue 10 Jan 2023

Source: Stirile Pro TV [in Romanian, machine trans. edited]

情報源:Stirile Pro TV[ルーマニア語機械翻訳編集]

There is a rabies alert in a locality in Satu Mare county after a rabid fox played with a dog in a household, then it was found dead.
Satu Mare郡のある地域で、狂犬病に罹患したキツネが家で犬と遊び、その後死んでいるのが発見されたため、狂犬病警報が発令された。

The analysis showed, without a doubt, the diagnosis. The dog in question was vaccinated against rabies, as well as its owner, and both touched the wild animal. In order not to spread the outbreak, the authorities took preventive measures.

The rabies outbreak was confirmed after a local from the center of Orașu Nou commune found a dead fox in the yard.
狂犬病アウトブレイクは、Orășu Nou communeの中心部に住む地元の住民が、庭で死んだキツネを見つけたことから確認された。

Gavril Mailat, mayor of Orașu Nou: "He entered the yard and played with the dog and in the meantime, he died. The citizen announced, the fox was picked up and after analysis, it turned out that there were big problems. The dog was vaccinated, as was the citizen who touched the animal."
Orașu Nouの市長、Gavril Mailat氏は「キツネは庭に入り、犬と遊んでいるうちに、死んだ。住民が通報し、キツネが回収され、分析の結果、大きな問題があることが判明した。犬は、動物に触接触した住民と同様に、ワクチンを接種した。」と言った。
Stray dogs will be collected from the area and vaccinated against rabies.

Radu Roca, prefect of Satu Mare: "All animals in the area have been restricted, all stray dogs have been identified and we have started vaccinating them. Protective measures were taken within a radius of 3 kilometers [about 2 mi]."
Satu Mare県知事のRadu Roca氏は、「この地域のすべての動物は制限され、すべての野良犬が確認され、ワクチン接種が開始された。半径3km(約2mi)の範囲で保護措置がとられた。」

Specialists advise people to notify veterinarians as soon as they notice something suspicious in their animals' behavior. Untreated, rabies is [almost always] fatal.
Communicated by:
ProMED Rapporteur Mahmoud Orabi

[In Europe, the oral rabies vaccination (ORV) of red foxes (_Vulpes vulpes_), the main reservoir of rabies in the continent, was developed in the late 1970s and has demonstrated its effectiveness in the eradication of the disease in Western and some Central European countries. Besides red foxes, rabies is common in raccoon dogs (_Nyctereutes procyonoides_, introduced in Europe), and also occurs in grey wolves (_Canis lupus_), arctic foxes (_Alopex lagopus_), badgers (_Meles meles_), pine martens (_Martes martes_), and polecats (_Mustela putorius_). Individuals of other species may occasionally be infected. - Mod.PMB
[ヨーロッパでは、1970年代後半に、ヨーロッパ大陸における狂犬病の主要な感染源であるアカギツネ(_Vulpes vulpes_)に対する狂犬病の経口ワクチン接種(ORV)が開発され、西ヨーロッパおよび一部の中部ヨーロッパ諸国における狂犬病の撲滅にその有効性が実証されている]。アカギツネ以外にも、狂犬病はタヌキ(Nyctereutes procyonoides_、ヨーロッパに導入)によく見られ、灰色オオカミ(Canis lupus_)、北極ギツネ(Alopex lagopus_)、アナグマ(Meles meles_)、マツテン(Martes martens_)およびプレコキャット(Mustela putorius_)でも発生する。他の種の個体も感染することがある。- モデレーターPMB

ProMED map:
Oraşu Nou, Satu Mare, Romania: https://promedmail.org/promed-post?place=8707750,68871]

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