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[1] Colorado

Date: Fri 13 Jul 2018

Source: Skyhi News [edited]




Multiple people in Grand County recently received preventative treatment for rabies after they were exposed to a bat that later tested positive for the deadly virus, according to public health officials. The Grand County Public Health Department sent 5 bats for rabies testing, with 2 coming back negative, 2 pending and one positive. The positive bat was exposed to people during the night while they were sleeping, according to health officials. Representatives from the department said the exposure occurred at the end of June [2018].



"While only a very small percentage of bats carry rabies, the consequences of actual rabies exposure can be catastrophic because an untreated rabies infection is almost always fatal," officials said.


It is not the first time in recent memory people in Grand County have been exposed to rabies. In 2017, bat exposures affected multiple individuals who later received immunization protection to the virus. "It is not uncommon to find a bat in Grand County; it is also not uncommon for bats to carry rabies," officials said.





The health department pointed out that bat bites can be extremely difficult to see even on a human who knows where he or she was bitten. "Bat bites leave almost no mark behind but can spread saliva and rabies," public health officials explained.



Representatives from the department noted that skunk bites can also be difficult to detect, and any animals found unattended or in close contact with either bats or skunks should be "assumed to be at risk for rabies unless rabies testing of the wild animal shows it is negative." Skunks and bats are the main sources of rabies in Colorado, according to officials.




Any live bats found in homes should be captured to be sent for rabies testing. Likewise, officials recommend collecting any dead bat found inside a home to send for rabies testing. "The only way to properly evaluate your exposure risk is to have the bat tested in a lab," officials said.





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 [2] Louisiana

Date: Thu 12 Jul 2018

Source: WAFB.com [edited]




One south Louisiana community is being warned to watch out for rabies. The St. Helena Parish Sheriff's Office reported a human was exposed to the deadly virus through a cat in the Pine Grove area.




Investigators believe the cat may have contracted rabies from a raccoon or bat bite, but they are still conducting tests. Deputies are warning people to never approach wildlife, always vaccinate their pets, and report any sick or injured animals to animal control.




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[3] Texas

Date: Wed 11 Jul 2018

Source: KXAN.com [edited]




A 13-month-old [?week-old] puppy with rabies was with its owner watching the 4 Jul [2018] parade, the Fredericksburg Police Department said in a warning to people who attended the parade. Police and Animal Control were notified by the Texas Department of State Health Services on Wednesday [11 Jul 2018] about the rabies case.




The owner of the now-deceased black crossbreed dog says they were watching the parade in the 300 block of West Main Street, near Orange Street, and then the owner and puppy ate lunch at Hondo's on Main in the outdoor seating area. The dog started showing signs and symptoms on Sat 7 Jul [2018] and was then taken to a veterinarian. Police say the puppy was later sent off for testing, and Animal Control was notified of the incident on Wednesday [11 Jul 2018].

最近見なくなった黒い雑種犬の飼育者は,Orange StreetのそばのWest Main Streetの300blockでのパレードを見学し,その後Hondo’s On Mainのテラス席でランチを食べたと述べた.その犬の症状は,2018年7月7日土曜日に発症し,獣医師のもとに連れていかれた.その子犬はその後検査に送られ,動物管理局は水曜日(2018年7月11日)に,この事例について届け出たと述べた.


If you believe you came in contact with the puppy, which was wearing a pink collar on 4 Jul 2018, please contact your doctor immediately.



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[Cute puppies attract strangers who will want to pet the dog. And if you get its saliva on your hand, you have been exposed to the rabies virus. If you even just think you might have been exposed, see your doctor now and get vaccinated. This will prevent the virus from initiating lesions, which otherwise will kill you. It would also be wise for the littermates of this puppy to be vaccinated in case of group exposure. - Mod.MHJ



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Texas, United States: http://healthmap.org/promed/p/245]



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