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[1] Ukraine: vaccination of evacuated pets

[2] India (Andhra Pradesh): cat, human fatality, RFI

 インド(Andhra Pradesh):ネコ、ヒトの死亡例、情報提供依頼
[3] Israel (Northern): cow, human exposure


[1] Ukraine: vaccination of evacuated pets


Date: Fri 4 Mar 2022

Source: International Fund for Animal Welfare [abridged, edited]


We've collected a list of resources for families fleeing Ukraine with their pets and, as of 4 Mar 2022, have verified the details below. Please share this information with anyone who may be trying to evacuate with their pets. Several countries have plans to accept pets at border crossings. While pets must normally be vaccinated and microchipped to cross an international border, the countries below have agreed to an exception during this crisis. In most cases below,
if a pet is not vaccinated or microchipped, the receiving country will vaccinate and microchip the pet upon entry.


We are extraordinarily proud of the countries who have made it possible for families to evacuate with their pets. Lithuania's director of State Food and Veterinary Service, Mantas Staskevicius, said, "We cannot be unconcerned about the people running from this horrible situation. Many Ukrainians will be traveling with their beloved pets, so we will help to find them the safest shelter."
家族でペットと一緒に避難することを可能にした国々に対して、格別の敬意を感じる。リトアニアの国家食品獣医局局長のMantas Staskevicius氏は、「この恐ろしい状況から逃げ出す人々に対して、無関心ではいられない」と述べた。さらに多くのウクライナ人が愛するペットと一緒に避難していると思われ、彼らに最も安全な避難所を見つける手助けをしたいと述べた。
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[The countries listed in the announcement are Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, India, Germany, Italy Finland, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and the Czech Republic. Possible changes/additions and the detailed veterinary health requirements relating to the introduced pets are available at the source URL above. - Mod.AS
ProMED map of Ukraine:

[2] India (Andhra Pradesh): cat, human fatality, RFI

 インド(Andhra Pradesh):ネコ、ヒトの死亡例、情報提供依頼
Date: Sun 6 Mar 2022 9:02 a.m. IST

Source: The Hans India [edited]

情報源:The Hans India [編集済]

In a tragic incident, 2 women have died of rabies after being bitten by a cat in Vemulamada in the Movva mandal of Krishna district [Andhra Pradesh State]. Going into the details, retirement RTC conductor SBR's wife [K] (64) from Vemulamada SC colony and [N] (43), wife of RMP doctor BB from the same colony, were bitten by a cat 2 months ago. At the time, both women had undergone TT [tetanus toxoid] injection and were on medication.
Krishna県(Andhra Pradesh 州)のMovva mandalのVemulamadaで、2人の女性が猫に咬まれ、狂犬病で死亡する痛ましい事件が発生した。詳しく説明すると、Vemulamada SC植民地に住む退職RTC指揮者SBRの妻[K](64)と、同じ植民地に住むRMP医師BBの妻[N](43)が2ヶ月前に猫に咬まれた。当時、2人ともTT(破傷風トキソイド)注射を受け、投薬治療を受けていた。

They were doing their job as usual after relief but 4 days ago, [K] and [N] went to a corporate hospital for treatment due to a change in their health. However, it did not improve. [K] died at 10 am on Saturday [5 Mar 2022] while undergoing treatment at the Mangalagiri NRI Hospital in Guntur district. [N] underwent treatment at PHC on Friday [4 Mar 2022] and was admitted to a corporate hospital in Vijayawada as per the instructions of the doctors there. She also died
Saturday morning [5 Mar 2022] while receiving treatment.
彼女たちは安心していつも通り仕事をしていたが、4日前、KとNは体調の変化から企業病院で治療を受けた。しかし、症状は改善しなかった。[K]はGuntur地区のMangalagiri NRI病院で治療中の土曜日(2022年3月5日)の午前10時に死亡した。[N]は金曜日(2022年3月4日)にPHCで治療を受け、医師の指示によりVijayawadaの企業病院に入院したが、土曜日の朝[2022年3月5日]、治療中に死亡した。

Medical officer Dr Shonthi Sivarama Krishna Rao said 2 of the dead women were infected with rabies. He said the body was poisoned due to untimely medical services. The villagers said that the cat that bit the women was bitten by a dog and the dog also died a few days later.
医務官のDr Shonthi Sivarama Krishna Raoによると、死亡した女性2人は狂犬病に感染していたとのことである。彼は不適切な医療行為により、身体が毒に侵されたと言った。村人によると、女性を噛んだ猫は犬に噛まれ、その犬も数日後に死亡したとのことである。
[Byline: Pavan Kumar Bandari]
[担当:Pavan Kumar Bandari]
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[This case deserves further investigation. The rather short course and the full simultaneousness of the clinical stage of the reported fatal disease, in both patients, is noteworthy. More details of their initial anamnesis, the considerations behind the decision to administer only a tetanus toxoid (TT) injection, the refraining from rabies post-exposure treatment, as well as the medication both were receiving after the initial treatment will be helpful.
Another news report (https://www.daijiworld.com/news/newsDisplay?newsID=933925),
mentions that "according to villagers, the cat was infected by rabies as it was bitten by a rabid dog earlier. The cat also died subsequently." Additional information (domestic or stray? contacts?) deserves to be sought. - Mod.AS



ProMED map of Andhra Pradesh State, India:

[3] Israel (Northern): cow, human exposure

Date: Sun 6 Mar 2022

Source: Outbreak News Today [edited]

情報源:Outbreak News Today [編集済]

The Israel Ministry of Health reported on a cow infected with rabies found in Tuba-Zangaria (in the pasture between Tuba and Moshav Elifelet), in the Upper Galilee last week [Northern/Hazafon District].
イスラエル保健省は先週、上部ガリラヤのTuba-Zangaria(TubaとMoshav Elifeletの間の牧草地)で見つかった狂犬病に感染した牛について報告した[北部/Hazafon地区]。

Two people are known to have been exposed to the cow and are receiving rabies post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).

Health officials ask anyone who has been in contact with, or whose animals came in contact with, the infected animal or a stray animal in the area of the incident on the dates of 14 Feb to 28 Feb [2022] to contact the Safed Health Bureau urgently, phone 04-6994257, 04-6994200, or contact the health bureau nearest to the place of residence to weigh the need for preventive care.

The Ministry of Health again reminds those who have been bitten or scratched by an animal to immediately wash the area with running water and soap, disinfect with disinfectants, and approach the Health Bureau to check if preventive treatment against rabies is needed.
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[ProMED map of Israel:

This is the 8th lab-confirmed rabies case in northern Israel since 1 Jan 2022; the others were 5 jackals and 2 dogs in 7 different locations.

In the meantime, Israel's parliament (the Knesset) is debating a bill in which unowned, stray-feral dogs will be collected but, in difference with the prevailing legislation, be released after being vaccinated, or sterilized/neutered. The feral dog population is estimated at 30 000; Israel's owned, certified dog population (2020 data) exceeds 500 000 pets, of which about 460 000 are rabies vaccinated. Several professional bodies, including Israel's One Health, Nature Protection, and Municipality veterinarians have expressed their reservations. The discussions are being continued.For an interactive map presenting Israel's confirmed rabies cases in animals during 2021, please see
https://www.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=7cb6e4996327423e857dd6470a449e75 (dogs - pink, jackals - aqua).
- Mod.AS]


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