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[1] North Carolina (Wake County): fox
[2] North Carolina (Burke County): dog, human exposure
[3] New York (Westchester County): bear cub
[4] New York (Oswego County): raccoon, fox
[5] Georgia (Banks County): bobcat, human exposure


[1] ノースカロライナ州(ウェイク郡):キツネ

[2] ノースカロライナ州(バーク郡):イヌ、ヒトへの曝露

[3] ニューヨーク州(ウエストチェスター郡):子グマ

[4] ニューヨーク州(オスウィーゴ郡):アライグマ、キツネ

[5] ジョージア州(バンクス郡):ボブキャット、ヒトへの曝露

[1] North Carolina (Wake County): fox
Date: Fri 14 Apr 2023 11:46 AM EDT
Source: The Herald Sun [edited]

[1] ノースカロライナ州(ウェイク郡):キツネ

日付:2023年4月14日 金曜日 午前11:46 東部夏時間

情報源:The Herald Sun [編集済] URLは省略


A fox that tried to bite someone in a busy shopping area has tested positive for rabies. The Raleigh Police Department confirmed a fox "acting abnormally and attempting to bite a person" has tested positive for rabies. The animal was found in the 1200 block of Front Street, a mostly commercial area just inside the Beltline (Interstate 440) near the Wegmans. Testing for rabies requires an animal to be killed and samples collected from its brain, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



Rabies vaccine clinics


The SPCA of Wake County is registering pets now for a low-cost microchip and vaccine clinic from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sat, 15 Apr 2023, at the Saving Lives Spay & Neuter Clinic, 300 Petfinder Lane in Raleigh. Rabies shots will be available to pets 4 months and up for USD 5. Registration is required at http://www.tinyurl.com/3r7nucfb

ウェイク郡のSPCAは、ラレーのPetfinder Lane 300にあるSaving Lives Spay & Neuter Clinicにおいて、現在、2023年4月15日土曜日午前8時30分から午後2時まで低料金でのマイクロチップ装着とワクチン接種が受けられるペットの登録を受け付けている。狂犬病予防注射は、生後4か月以上のペットでは 5 ドルで受けられる。

http://www.tinyurl.com/3r7nucfb での登録が必要である。


The Wake County Animal Services department will hold a Community Pet Day [https://www.wake.gov/departments-government/animal-services/our-events] featuring USD 5 rabies vaccines from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sun, 16 Apr 2023 at the Wake County Eastern Regional Center, 1002 Dogwood Drive in Zebulon. For more information call 919-212-7387.

ウェイク郡動物サービス局は、コミュニティペットデー [https://www.wake.gov/

Departments-government/animal-services/our-events] を開催する。2023年4月16日日曜日 午前 10 時から午後 1 時まで、ゼブロンのドッグウッドドライブ1002にあるウェイク郡東部地域センターにて、5ドルでの狂犬病ワクチン接種が特別に行われる。 詳細については、919-212-7387 まで電話をしてもらいたい。

In the news release, the Wake County Health Department advises:
- Residents should not approach animals that they do not know.
- Residents should ensure their pets have a current rabies vaccination. If a pet is allowed outside, a booster vaccine is recommended. Outdoor pets should be kept inside until they receive booster vaccines.
- Do not feed stray or unknown animals, including cats and dogs.
- Do not leave trash or food outside unless it is in a trash can with a tight-fitting lid [without a sturdy latch and/or lock, raccoons are still capable of getting into trash cans. - Mod.TG]
- If a pet is fed outside, do not leave food out overnight.
- If a pet comes in contact with an animal that might be rabid, contact a veterinarian immediately.


- 住民は知らない動物に近づかないこと。

- 住民はペット動物が狂犬病予防接種を受けているかどうかを確認する必要がある。ペットを屋外に出すことを許している場合は、追加ワクチンの接種が推奨される。屋外飼育のペット動物は、追加ワクチンを受けるまで室内で飼う必要がある。

- イヌやネコを含め、放浪動物や見知らぬ動物に餌を与えないこと。

- しっかりと蓋が閉まるゴミ箱に入れていない限り、ゴミや食べ物を外に放置しないこと。 [頑丈なラッチや鍵がなければ、アライグマはゴミ箱に侵入する可能性がある。 -Mod.TG]

- ペット動物に屋外で餌を与える場合は、一晩中、屋外に餌を放置しないこと。

- ペット動物が狂犬病の可能性のある動物と接触した場合は、直ちに獣医師に連絡すること。


People who see strange behavior in animals or have concerns about animals in Raleigh should call (919) 831-6311.

ラレーにおいて、動物の奇妙な行動を目撃した場合、または動物について懸念がある場合は、(919) 831-6311 に電話すること。

[Byline: Anna Johnson]
[署名:Anna Johnson]
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[Having rabies vaccination clinics on a couple of days and locations is an excellent way of alerting the area to the risk, as well as protecting many animals, which also helps to protect their pet parents. Hopefully, residents will take advantage of this, protecting their pets and indirectly themselves. - Mod.TG]


[2] North Carolina (Burke County): dog, human exposure
Date: Sat 15 Apr 2023
Source: The Morganton News Herald [edited]

[2] ノースカロライナ州(バーク郡):イヌ、ヒトへの曝露

日付:2023年4月15日 土曜日

情報源:The Morganton News Herald [編集済]

Animal Services says on 14 Apr 2023 an investigation was launched after Burke County Animal Enforcement officers were notified a stray dog bit someone. The person who was bitten is receiving medical attention.


Humane traps were set to catch the dog and it was safely trapped, impounded, and placed in quarantine for rabies observation at Burke County Animal Services on 5 Apr 2023 according to a release from Animal Services.


On 7 Apr 2023, Animal Services staff observed a behavioral change in the dog, who started charging the front of the kennel. The dog was humanely euthanized and taken for testing the following Monday based on a recommendation from the overseeing veterinarian, Dr Jenni McGrady, the release said.




The test results confirmed on Thursday [13 Apr 2023] the dog was positive for rabies.



The dog was trapped near Crescent Woods Road off N.C. 126 in the Lake James community, which has many stray dogs in the area, the release said. It said animal enforcement officers will be working to trap them in the coming days and weeks.



Burke County Animal Enforcement officers have canvassed the community to inform residents of the incident and Animal Services and the Burke County Health Department want to make all residents aware in case they or their pets have visited the area recently, the release said. If someone feels they have [possibly] been exposed to rabies they should reach out to their medical provider or the Burke County Health Department and ask for the communicable disease nurse, the release said.




Animal Services says a low-cost rabies clinic will be held soon for pet owners needing to update their pets with rabies vaccines. Follow Burke County Animal Services on Facebook for more information.


動物サービス局は、ペットに狂犬病ワクチンを接種する必要がある飼い主のために、低料金の狂犬病クリニックが間もなく開設される予定だと発表した。詳細については、Facebook でバーク郡動物サービス局をフォローしてもらいたい。


North Carolina law requires all domestic pets (cats, dogs, and ferrets), whether living inside or outside, 4 months or older, to be vaccinated against rabies. Even animals confined in outdoor fenced areas should have current rabies vaccinations because wild animals can get into these areas and attack your pets, the release said.


ノースカロライナ州法では、屋内飼育、屋外飼育を問わず、生後4か月以上のすべてのペット動物 (猫、犬、フェレット) に狂犬病ワクチンの接種を義務付けている。屋外の柵で囲まれたエリアに閉じ込められている動物であっても、野生動物がそのエリアに侵入してペットを攻撃する可能性があるため、狂犬病ワクチンを接種する必要があるとのことである。


Burke County Animal Services says rabies circulates within wildlife populations. Tips to help prevent you, your family, and your pets from coming in contact with the rabies virus are:
- Avoid direct contact with wildlife, dead or alive.
- Never touch any wildlife with your bare hands.
- If you find a sick or injured animal, contact animal enforcement and let them handle it.
- Do not try to rescue or treat the animal yourself.
- Avoid any animal displaying unnatural behavior. Wild animals are not usually friendly so be very careful if they approach you.
- Feed your pets indoors. Leaving food outside will attract dogs, cats, or other wildlife and bring them into your yard.
- Animal-proof your trash. Make sure your trashcan lids are secure and do not leave trash bags outside the cans.
- Report all stray animals to animal enforcement. Stray animals may not be vaccinated against rabies and run the risk of carrying the virus.


バーク郡動物サービス局は、狂犬病が野生動物の個体群内で循環していると述べた。 あなた、あなたの家族、ペットが狂犬病ウイルスに感染するのを防ぐためのヒントは以下の通りである。

- 生死を問わず、野生動物との直接接触を避けること。

- 決して野生動物を素手で触れないこと。

- 病気や怪我をした動物を見つけた場合は、動物管理局に連絡し、対処してもらうこと。

- 自分で動物を救出したり、治療しようとしたりしないこと。

- 不自然な行動を示す動物を避けること。野生動物は(通常ヒトに対して)友好的ではないため、動物の方から近づいてきたら十分に注意すること。

- ペットには室内で餌を与えること。エサを外に放置すると、イヌやネコ、その他の野生動物が庭に侵入してくる。

- 動物からゴミを守る。ゴミ箱の蓋がしっかりと閉まっていることを確認し、ゴミ袋をゴミ箱の外に残さないようにすること。

- すべての放浪動物を動物取締局に報告すること。放浪動物は狂犬病ワクチンを受けていない可能性があり、ウイルスを運ぶ危険性がある。


For information on rabies control and prevention, and NC Rabies Control Laws, visit the North Carolina Public Health website at 



狂犬病の管理と予防、およびノースカロライナ州における狂犬病管理に関する法については、ノースカロライナ公衆衛生の Web サイト (URLは省略) を参照のこと。


Burke County Animal Services & Animal Enforcement is a county-operated and tax-funded animal shelter located in Morganton. More information about Animal Services can be found at 



バーク郡動物サービス及び動物取締局は、モーガントンにある、郡の税金で運営される、動物保護施設である。動物サービス局の詳細については、(URLは省略) を参照のこと。


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[ProMED map of North Carolina, United States(米国ノースカロライナ州のProMED地図): 

North Carolina county map(ノースカロライナ州の郡地図):


[3] New York (Westchester County): bear cub
Date: Fri 14 Apr 2023
Source: Westchester County press releases [edited]


[3] ニューヨーク州(ウエストチェスター郡):子グマ

日付:2023年4月14日 金曜日

情報源:Westchester County press releases [編集済](URLは省略)

The Westchester County Department of Health was notified a bear cub in the town of Lewisboro has tested positive for rabies. The Department is alerting residents to avoid any wild animals appearing ill and to call their doctor if they have had contact with a bear cub in the last 2 weeks. Officials are concerned there may be more rabid bears, and are monitoring the situation.



Unusual behavior may be the 1st sign of rabies in an animal. A rabid animal may become either abnormally aggressive or unusually tame. It may lose the fear of people and become excited and irritable, or appear particularly passive and lethargic. Staggering and frothing at the mouth are sometimes noted.



Residents should never approach or have contact with a stray or wild animal. Residents who see a stray or wild animal acting strangely should alert local authorities to avoid possible exposure to rabies. Residents are also advised to keep their trashcan lids securely sealed, remove wild bird feeders, and avoid leaving pet food outdoors.



Any physical contact with a wild or unfamiliar animal should be reported to a healthcare provider. All animal bites or contacts with animals suspected of having rabies must be reported to the Westchester County Department of Health.



Keeping pet rabies vaccinations up to date is also important for protection against rabies. New York State law requires dogs, cats, and ferrets to be vaccinated against rabies and receive regular booster shots. For more information, go to http://www.westchestergov.com/health or call the Rabies Infoline at (914) 813-5010.


ペットの狂犬病ワクチンを最新の状態に保つことも、狂犬病を防ぐために重要である。 ニューヨーク州の法律では、犬、猫、フェレット狂犬病ワクチンの接種と定期的な追加接種が義務付けられている。 詳細については、


にアクセスするか、狂犬病情報ライン (914) 813-5010 に電話すること。

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[4] New York (Oswego County): raccoon, fox
Date: Fri 14 Apr 2023
Source: Oswego County [edited]


[4] ニューヨーク州(オスウィーゴ郡):アライグマ、キツネ

日付:2023年4月14日 金曜日

情報源:Oswego County [編集済](URLは省略)

The Oswego County Health Department received notice of the 1st 3 rabies positive animals in 2023. Raccoons in the towns of Oswego and Richland along with a fox in the town of Granby have tested positive for the virus.



The health department reminds residents of the dangers of the rabies disease and encourages pet owners to take advantage of the department's rabies vaccination clinics.



"The rabies virus remains active year-round, but activity increases as the weather warms and wild animals become more active," said Oswego County Director of Environmental Health Katelyn Parkhurst. "It's important to remember rabies is almost always fatal to mammals if left untreated. The most effective way to protect you and your family against rabies is by vaccinating your pets."



The next clinic will be held on Wed, 3 May 2023 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Pulaski DPW Garage, located at 957 Centerville Rd. in Pulaski.


次回のクリニックは2023年5月3日水曜日の午後6時から8時まで開催される。開催場所はPulaskiのCenterville Rd 957にある Pulaski DPW Garage である。

Beginning Wed, 26 Apr 2023 residents can call to make an appointment for the 3 May 2023 clinic. Throughout the year, appointments will be scheduled clinic-by-clinic and an announcement for the opening of the appointment phone line will be made before each clinic.



The appointment phone line will be open weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. until all appointments are filled. Please do not call the after-hours answering service to schedule an appointment for the rabies clinic.



Those who are unable to keep their appointment are asked to call back and cancel it, so others may have the opportunity to schedule one of the limited appointments.


予約を守れない者は、折り返し電話してキャンセルするよう求められる。そうすれば、他の者が、限られた予約のうちの 1つを予約できる可能性がある。

In 2022, Oswego County Health Department staff:
- vaccinated 1437 cats, dogs, and ferrets against rabies.
- confirmed 6 positive cases of rabies including 2 bats, 2 foxes, and 2 raccoons.
- provided 47 people in Oswego County with post-exposure rabies treatments.
- submitted 72 animals to the state health department to be tested for rabies.


2022 年、オスウィーゴ郡保健局のスタッフは次のように述べている。

- 1,437匹の猫、犬、フェレット狂犬病のワクチンを接種

- コウモリ2匹、キツネ2匹、アライグマ2匹を含む6匹の狂犬病陽性症例を確認

- オスウィーゴ郡の47人に狂犬病暴露後治療を提供

- 狂犬病の検査を受けるために72頭の動物を州保健局に提出

"This past year, our health department responded to 669 calls involving possible rabies incidents," said Oswego County Public Health Director Vera Dunsmoor. "We urge residents to call us immediately if they suspect potential rabies exposure. Our staff works diligently alongside veterinary care providers to determine the best approach during these investigations."


オスウィーゴ郡の公衆衛生局長であるベラ・ダンスムーア氏は、「昨年、当保健局は狂犬病事件の可能性に関する669件の通報に対応しました。」と述べた。 「狂犬病に曝露された可能性があると思われる場合は、直ちに我々に電話するよう住民に勧めています。我々のスタッフは獣医師と協力して、調査中に最善のアプローチを決定するために一生懸命に働いています。」

Rabies vaccination clinics are conducted for dogs, cats, and ferrets. All clinics are on Wednesday evenings from 6 to 8 p.m. Upcoming clinics will be held at the following locations:



17 May 2023: County Highway Garage, 24 Dill Pickle Alley, Parish.
7 Jun 2923: Hastings Town Highway Garage, Wilson Rd., Central Square.
12 Jul 2023: Granby Town Highway Garage, 820 Co. Rte. 8, Fulton.
9 Aug 2023: Bristol Hill Landfill Facility, maintenance building, 3125 NYS Rte. 3, Fulton.
13 Aug 2023: County Highway Garage, 957 Centerville Rd., Pulaski
11 Sep 2023: County Highway Garage, 31 Schaad Dr., Oswego.


There is a suggested donation of USD 7 per animal.


Pets must be at least 3 months of age to be vaccinated. Those receiving their 1st rabies shot must get a booster shot within 1 year.



Proof of previous vaccination is required to qualify for a 3-year certificate. Accepted forms of proof include a certificate of vaccination obtained from a veterinarian or the Oswego County Health Department's Environmental Division, or a dog license showing a rabies expiration date.



The following protocols will be in effect at all clinics:
- Do not attend the clinic if you or your pet are ill.
- There is a limit of 4 pets per family. Only the individuals handling the animals should attend the clinic. Young children are not recommended to enter the building unless necessary. If children are left in the car, they should be properly supervised.
- People must control their pets at all times. Pets must be caged and/or leashed with a fixed length no longer than 6 feet [2 m]. Cats and ferrets should be in a carrier.
- Attendees are asked to arrive no more than 10 minutes early to their appointment and follow signs and instructions from clinic staff.



- あなたまたはあなたのペットが病気の場合はクリニックに行かないこと。

- ペットは 1 家族につき 4 匹までとする。動物を扱う人のみがクリニックに来ること。 幼い子供は、必要な場合を除き、建物に入ることは推奨されない。子供を車内に残した場合は、適切に監督する必要がある。

- 人々は常にペットを管理しなければならない。ペットはケージに入れるか、6フィート(2メートル)以内の固定長のリードでつなぐ必要がある。ネコとフェレットはキャリーバッグに入れること。

- 来場者は予約時間の10 分以内に到着し、クリニックスタッフの指示に従うこと。

All animal bites, whether from a domestic animal or wildlife, should be reported to the Oswego County Health Department as soon as possible. Health Department staff will work with residents and health care providers to determine if rabies treatment is needed.



To report an animal bite or seek guidance concerning potential rabies exposures, call the Oswego County Health Department weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.; or at (315) 341-0086 after regular business hours, weekends, and holidays. Please do not call the after-hours number to make a rabies vaccination appointment. Use it only for incidents involving potential exposure.


動物の咬傷を報告する場合、または狂犬病にさらされた可能性に関して指導を求める場合は、平日の午前 8 時 30 分から午後 4 時までにオスウィーゴ郡保健局に電話すること。 平日の営業時間外、週末、祝日の場合は、(315) 341-0086 に電話をしてもらいたい。 この時間外の電話番号を、狂犬病予防接種の予約に用いないこと。この番号は、潜在的なウイルスへの曝露を含む事故にのみ使用すること。

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[ProMED map of New York State, United States: https://promedmail.org/promed-post?place=8709563,234
New York county map: https://geology.com/county-map/new-york-county-map.gif]




[5] Georgia (Banks County): bobcat, human exposure
Date: Fri 14 Apr 2022 1:15 PM CDT
Source: Yahoo News, Macon Telegraph report [edited]


[5] ジョージア州(バンクス郡):ボブキャット、ヒトへの曝露

日付:2022年(2023年?)4月14日 金曜日 午後1:15 中部夏時間

情報源:Yahoo News, Macon Telegraph report [編集済](URLは省略)

A rabid bobcat was lurking under a Jeep before it lunged at a 9-year-old boy and launched a "full-on attack," his dad said.



"It tore his shoe off," WB said, adding his son's left sock was torn "to shreds" during the encounter in Banks County, Georgia. As the animal bit and scratched his son, WB said he fought back.



"I went into dad mode, and I was just trying to do everything I could do to get this cat off my son," WB told McClatchy News in a 14 Apr 2023 telephone interview.


「私は父親として行動し、息子からこのボブキャットを引き離すためにできる限りのことをしようとしていました。」と、2023年4月14日の電話インタビューでWB氏はMcClatchy Newsに語った。

So, the father kicked the bobcat and pulled it off his son. But when the animal stared at WB and showed its teeth, he said he took out a pistol and shot it.



The 8 Apr 2023 attack sent the 9-year-old boy, to a hospital for treatment. He got more than a dozen stitches and needed rabies shots due to his exposure to the wild animal, according to his family.


2023年4月8日の襲撃事故により、9歳の少年は病院に運ばれ治療を受けた。 家族によれば、十数針を縫う傷を負い、野生動物と接触したことから、狂犬病の予防接種も必要だったという。

The harrowing moments came as WB and his son were at a neighbor's home to help with their dog. "As soon as my son steps on the steps to unlock the door, the bobcat shot out from under a Jeep," which was parked under a carport, Burchett said. "I was punching it because I was trying to get it off of me," the son told WAGA [TV], adding he was in a lot of pain when the bobcat bit him in the leg.


痛ましい瞬間は、WB氏と息子が犬とともに手伝いのために、隣人の家にいたときに起こった。 バーチェットさんは「息子がドアの鍵を開けようと階段に乗った瞬間、カーポートの下に駐車していたジープの下からボブキャットが飛び出してきたんです。」と語った。「僕はボブキャットを振り払おうとして殴ったよ。」と息子はWAGA [TV]に語った。息子は、ボブキャットに足を咬まれてとても痛かったと付け加えた。


After the ordeal, District 2 Public Health in a news release said a bobcat tested positive for rabies, though it shared few details about the encounter. Health officials said the incident happened on 8 Apr 2023 in Maysville, the same rural town where W's family lives.




Though health officials didn't immediately respond to McClatchy News' requests for additional information on 14 Apr 2023 WANF and other news outlets reported the bobcat, shot and killed after the attack of the boy, had rabies.


公衆衛生局は、2023年4月14日のMcClatchy Newsからの追加情報の要請にすぐには応じなかったが、WANFや他の報道機関は、少年を襲った後に射殺されたボブキャットは狂犬病を患っていたと報じた。

Rabies is a potentially deadly disease spreading to humans through bites or scratches. People living in the area of the bobcat sighting are urged to avoid contact with stray animals and to check their pets, as signs of rabies may include excessive saliva and odd behavior, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. [Better, check to make sure your pets are up-to-date on their rabies vaccination. Contact your veterinarian if you or not sure or to make an appointment to have your pets vaccinated. - Mod.TG]


狂犬病は、咬傷やひっかき傷を通じてヒトに広がる可能性のある致死性の病気である。 CDCによると、狂犬病の症状として過剰な唾液の排泄や奇妙な行動が含まれるため、ボブキャットが目撃された地域に住む人々は放浪動物との接触を避け、ペットを検査するよう呼び掛けられている。「ペットが最新の狂犬病予防接種を受けているかどうかを確認したほうがよい。ペットのワクチン接種がわからない場合、またはワクチン接種の予約をする場合は、かかりつけの獣医師に相談した方がよい。-Mod.TG]

"Encounters between wild animals and domestic pets, including some involving people, sometimes occur in our area," state officials wrote on 12 Apr 2023. "Incidents of exposure are common but can be prevented if residents take precautions to protect themselves and their pets."



Bobcats, which weigh up to 28 pounds [about 13 kg] on average, are often found in wooded and agricultural areas of Georgia. They typically avoid places where humans spend time, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources wrote in 2007.


平均体重が28ポンド[約13 kg]にもなるボブキャットは、ジョージア州の森林地帯や農地でよく見られる。ジョージア州天然資源局は2007年に、ボブキャットは通常、人間が過ごす場所を避けると書いている。

Maysville is roughly 65 miles [about 105 km] northeast of Atlanta.

メイズビルはアトランタの北東約 105 km にある。

[Byline: Simone Jasper]

[署名:Simone Jasper]

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[This attack could mean the bobcat could have left saliva on the man, or in a scratch, or even in an eye. Let us hope he gets treatment as well as his son, whom we wish a speedy recovery. - Mod.TG


「この襲撃によって、ボブキャットが男性に、傷に、あるいは目に唾液を残した可能性があることを意味する。父親と息子が治療を受けられることを願っており、息子の早い回復を願っている。- Mod.TG」

ProMED map of Georgia, United States: https://promedmail.org/promed-post?place=8709563,46887
Georgia county map: https://geology.com/county-map/georgia-county-map.gif



Keeping your animals up-to-date on their vaccinations, especially the rabies vaccine, is critical to protecting your pets as well as yourself. This helps build a barrier between you and the disease. This is NOT a disease to take lightly -- it is a killer and no respecter of persons. This disease is a killer without treatment. Saliva in an eye or a scratch may be enough for the rabies virus to enter the body.



If you believe you have potentially been exposed or you have been bitten, seek medical care immediately. The wound or wounds should be washed thoroughly with soap and water first. Remember, even saliva in an eye or a cut is an exposure and requires prompt treatment.


感染した可能性がある、または咬まれたと思われる場合は、直ちに医師の診察を受けること。 まず傷を石鹸と水でよく洗う必要がある。 唾液が目に入ったり、切り傷がついたりした場合でも曝露を受けており、迅速な治療が必要であることを忘れないこと。

If your pet has a current rabies vaccine, most will receive wound cleaning, if needed, and another vaccine. Protect the lives of your pets with regular veterinary checkups and vaccines.



If your pet has been bitten, seek veterinary care immediately for the pet.



The most unusual case in this report is the bear cup. It is always wise to be cautious around any wild animal. The animal could have rabies or be protecting its young. Either way, they could be vicious. The same is true for other wild animals. - Mod.TG]


この投稿で最も珍しい事案は([3]の)子グマである。野生動物の近くでは常に注意することが賢明である。その動物は狂犬病に感染しているか、子供を保護している可能性がある。いずれにせよ、彼らは危険である可能性がある。 他の野生動物についても同様である。 -Mod.TG]


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