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RABIES (03): 米国(USA) ネコ、キツネ、カワウソ、コヨーテ、ヒト 暴露

In this update:
[1] West Virginia: cat, human exposure, alert
[2] North Carolina: fox, human exposure
[3] Florida: otter, dog, human exposure
[4] Pennsylvania: coyote, human exposure

(1)ウェストバージニア: ネコ・ヒト暴露 警報

(2)ノースカロライナ: キツネ・ヒト暴露

(3)フロリダ: カワウソ・イヌ・ヒト暴露

(4)ペンシルバニア: コヨーテ・ヒト暴露

[1] West Virginia: cat, human exposure, alert
Date: Tue 28 Jan 2020
Source: The Morgan Messenger [edited]

(1)ウェストバージニア: ネコ・ヒト暴露 警報

日 付: 2020年1月28日(火)

情報源: The Morgan Messenger(既出版)

The Morgan County Health Department issued a rabies alert for Mae Butts Lane in Berkeley Springs last [Tue 21 Jan 2020]. Mae Butts Lane is located off Spohrs Road near Peter Yost Road in eastern Morgan County off of Martinsburg Road.
モルガン郡健康局は前回(2020年1月21日)付の バークレースプリングスMae Butts Laneの件について警報を発令した。Mae Butts Laneはマーティンスブルク道から奥に入った東モルガン郡ピーターヨースト道の付近の、スポース道の向こうに位置する。

Health Department officials said in their social media alert that the West Virginia Office of Laboratory Services had notified them of a positive test result for a rabies virus from a cat that had bit its owner. The cat was having neurological issues and was euthanized and then sent to the state lab by the Health Department.

Berkeley/Morgan County Sanitarian Chief Cara Harding said that the cat was someone's outside pet that was unvaccinated and it looked like it had tangled with some kind of animal.
バークレー/モルガン郡衛生長官Cara Harding は 当該ネコは誰かの外飼いペットであり、ワクチン接種もなく、何らかの動物と喧嘩をしたように見える、と語った。

The Health Department wanted to notify residents in the area in case they or their pets may have been exposed to the cat, which was a female cat with white fur and orange markings. Exposure to rabies can occur from a bite, if a scratch from an infected animal breaks the skin or if its infected saliva comes into contact with open cuts, abrasions or wounds or with mucous membranessuch as the mouth, eyes, or nose.

健康局はこの地域の住民に 彼らもしくは彼らのペットが白くてオレンジの斑紋のあるメスの猫に暴露したかどうかの報告を求めている。


The Health Department is state-mandated to follow up with people having been exposed to rabies, Harding said. There is post-exposure treatment for individuals if an animal is suspected of being rabid. Any person who has been bitten by or exposed to a potentially rabid animal should see a physician immediately.
健康局は狂犬病に暴露した住民についてフォローアップを義務付けられている、とCara Hardingは語った。もしも当該動物が狂犬病を疑われる場合には暴露後免疫治療が各自に適用される。狂犬病の可能性がある動物に暴露した、もしくは咬傷をうけたどんな人もすみやかに医療機関に受診するべきである。

If people think they or their animals may have come into contact with this cat, they should call the Morgan County Health Department or Morgan County Animal Control. Officials also noted it's the law for cats and dogs must be vaccinated
against rabies.
 Harding said the Health Department hadn't had any calls from the Mae Butts Lane area after the rabies alert.

Cara Hardingは当警告後、健康局はMae Butts Lane地域における電話等は一切うけていない、と語った。

Required vaccines

By law, people who own a dog or a cat in West Virginia must get them vaccinated against rabies by the age of 6 months.

The vaccine administered should be capable of providing immunity for 3 years, with a booster shot given 1 year after the initial vaccination and every 3 years thereafter.

Officials urged people to keep themselves, their family and their pets safe by keeping their pets up to date on their vaccines. Make sure your animals' rabies vaccinations are current and avoid contact with wildlife, they added.


Usually fatal

Rabies is a virus attacking the brain and the nervous system. Rabies, if treated immediately [in human beings], is preventable. If left untreated, rabies is [almost invariably] fatal in humans and animals [it will be fatal to animals. They will die of the disease or if they are believed to have the disease they will be euthanized, so no matter the situation, it is fatal to animals as there is no treatment for this disease in animals. - Mod.TG]

Animals with rabies act strangely, drool, have unsteady gait, and are unable to drink water. They can appear to be in a drunken state as in falling over and can also be aggressive and coming towards you, said Harding.


彼らは倒れこむような酔っぱらったようなふうに見え、あなたの方に寄ってきて攻撃的にふるまうこともある、とHarding は言っている。

Animals that most frequently transmit rabies in West Virginia are raccoons, foxes, and skunks, Harding said. Dogs and cats also get rabies because of the animals with which they come into contact.

ウェストバージニアにおける狂犬病を媒介する頻度の高い動物として、アライグマ、キツネ、スカンクがある、とHarding は言っている。イヌやネコもそうした動物との接触があれば


Harding recalled 2 rabies cases last year in Morgan County -- one was a rabid fox and the other a rabid kitten. If foxes, raccoons, and skunks are seen in the daytime hours, it's something to cause concern since they are nocturnal animals.

"Rabies is in Morgan County," she noted.
1例目はキツネ、2例目は子ネコである。もしもキツネ、アライグマ、スカンクが夜行性の動物であるにもかかわらず日中姿をみせるなら、何かがそのような行動を引き起こしているのだと疑って欲しい。"Rabies is in Morgan County,"のなかでHardingは記している。


They're starting to see more positive test results for rabies and are encouraging people to get their animals vaccinated against rabies, Harding said. People also have to be concerned if their pet tangles with a wild animal. If this occurs to a pet that has been vaccinated for rabies, owners are required to quarantine their pet for 10 days.

If an unvaccinated pet tangles with a rabid animal or an unknown wild animal that can't be tested, a double quarantine with 2 pens – one with an inside perimeter and another outside barrier -- is required for 6 months, Harding said.
もしも予防接種をしていないペットが狂犬病の動物もしくはよくわからない野生動物と争った場合は、2つの囲い(内部の区画と外部の障壁)を使った二重検疫が要求され、期間も6カ月に及ぶ、とHarding は述べている。

Harding hoped the rabid cat was an isolated case of rabies. She said some people feed stray cats and don't understand the risks of contact with feral cats or wildlife. She advised residents to watch for county rabies clinics for their pets or to contact a veterinarian about whether their animals are up-to-date on rabies vaccinations.
[Byline: Kate Evans]
Harding は狂犬病のネコは狂犬病の単発事例だったことを望む、と述べている。放浪ネコにエサを与える人たちもおり、彼らはノラネコや野生動物との接触の危険性について理解していない。Hardingは住民たちに 郡の狂犬病クリニックを注目するように、また飼っている動物が最新の狂犬病予防注射がなされているがどうかかかりつけ獣医に確認することを勧めている。

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West Virginia county map:

[2] North Carolina: fox, human exposure
Date: Tue 4 Feb 2020
Source: Robesonian [edited]
(2)ノースカロライナ: キツネ・ヒト暴露

日付: 2020年2月4日(火)

出典: Robesonian (既出版)

A 9-year-old boy is undergoing treatment after being bitten by a rabid fox, according to the [Robeson] County Department of Public Health.
Robeson 郡公衆衛生部によれば、9歳の男の子が狂犬病陽性のキツネに咬まれたために治療を受けている、とのことである。

The boy was riding his bicycle Sunday evening [2 Feb 2020] on Barnhill Road in Lumberton when he was attacked by a fox, according to the Health Department. The fox was killed at the scene and its head was submitted for testing on [Mon 3 Feb 2020]. The results came back positive for rabies on [Tue 4 Feb 2020].

The boy will undergo a series of shots to prevent the onset of rabies, according to the Health Department. Area residents have been alerted and advised to monitor their children's and pets' activities.

According to the Health Department release, Sunday's bite case was properly reported "and as such, the system responded correctly. After-hour calls go to communications who contact the Animal Control officer on call." Sunday's attack by a rabid wild animal is the 1st confirmed case of rabies in Robeson County this year [2020], said Bill Smith, Health Department director.
健康部によれば、日曜日の咬傷事件は適切に報告されている。『このようにシステムは正しく反応していた。その後の電話連絡は動物管理事務官に連絡した者から来た。』 日曜日の狂犬病野生動物による攻撃事例は、Robeson 郡における2020年の最初の確定事例である。健康部長ビル・スミスは言った。

"I believe we had 3 this past year," he said. Those cases were animal-on-animal attacks, Smith said. "I think they were all pets lastyear," he said.

County residents need to be aware there are many more rabid animals in the area, he said. But the rate of confirmed contact between rabid animals and humans or pets is low because Robeson County is a rural county with large tracts of forests.

しかし、狂犬病動物とヒトとの確定された接触事例の割合は低い。なぜなら、Robeson 郡は広大な森林地帯を伴う農村地域であるからである。

In rural areas the most likely scenario is an animal attacking a pet or human and then running into the woods, where it will die without anyone knowing if it had rabies or not, Smith said. In urban areas, there is more contact between humans and pets and animals known to be rabid because the attacking animal has no woods into which to run and hide. Therefore, the animal is easier to catch and test.

If someone is bitten by an animal that runs into the woods and is not caught and tested then precautions have to be taken, he said."We would treat that as a rabid animal," Smith said.

Sunday's incident prompted the county Health Department to issue the following advisories:
- all dogs, cats, and ferrets 4 months and older are required to be vaccinated against rabies and wear a current rabies vaccination tag per North Carolina law;
- if an animal is destroyed, try not to damage the head because it jeopardizes the testing of the brain;
- avoid feeding wild animals. Foxes and raccoons are the main sources of rabies in the Robeson County area and feeding them increases the likelihood of interaction between the wildlife and dogs, cats and humans.

・ 4カ月齢以上のすべてのイヌ・ネコ・フェレット狂犬病予防接種を受け、ノースカロライナの方に基づき、最新ワクチン接種済みである標識を装着すること。


・野生動物にエサを与えるのをやめること。Robeson 郡においてはキツネ・アライグマは狂犬病の主たる宿主であり、餌付けはそうした野生動物とイヌ・ネコ・ヒトとが触れ合う機会を増加させるからである。
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[3] Florida: otter, dog, human exposure
Date: Sat 8 Feb 2020 05:16 PM EST
Source: Fox 8 [edited]
(3)フロリダ: カワウソ、イヌ、ヒト暴露

日付: 2020年2月8日(土)5:16 EST

出典: Fox8(既出版)

A Florida mom says she had to tackle an otter to protect her daughter and dog, WFLA reports.
We don't often hear about aggressive river otters. But by fighting its way inside a home in Florida, experts say the otter was definitely not acting normal.

"My husband's like 'you just alligator wrangled an otter in the living room!'" [CE] said. The otter learned to not mess with a mother's instincts. "I think life is full of surprises, and you should just be ready for whatever," [she] said.


The story starts after 17-year old [GE] let their dog Scooter out before dawn Tuesday morning [4 Feb 2020]. Scooter had found an enemy.

"I sprinted to the backdoor, and I was like 'Scooter!' All I saw was like a big black ball just all over the place. So he stumbled in the door, and I tried to shut it as fast as possible, but then the otter got stuck," [GE] said.
『私はまるで「スクーター!」のように裏口にすっ飛んで行きました』 私が見のはそこら中を転げ回る巨大な黒い球でした。彼は戸口を塞いでいたので、私は可能な限り素早くドアを閉めました。でもカワウソは挟まっていました。』と(GE)は言った。

By this time, the whole house is awake and her mother bursts in. "I snatched it by the tail," [CE] said. "And then I held it up like aprize. And the otter's going crazy. It was like clawing at me and grabbing on to the backs of the furniture in my house." [CE] tossed the otter outside and discovered it had bit her daughter
in the leg. Several rabies shots later, [GE] and Scooter are on the mend.

Now Florida Fish and Wildlife is trying to find the otter. It is unknown whether the otter has rabies because it has not been caught.His behavior was definitely abnormal. "Any time an otter's onshore going for a human, there's something not right. Usually, they see you, they're gone," said Dustin Hooper, an animal trapper, and owner of All Creatures Wildlife Control.
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Florida county map: <https://www.mapofus.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/FL-county.jpg>]

[4] Pennsylvania: coyote, human exposure
Date: Wed 12 Feb 2020 05:23 PM EST
Source: ABC27/WHTM [edited]
(4)ペンシルバニア: コヨーテ・ヒト暴露

日付: 2020年2月12日(水) 5:23PM EST

出典: ABC27/WHTM(既出版)

Two Newberry Township [York County] men are getting treatments for rabies after a coyote that attacked them tested positive for the deadly virus.

One man was with his dog when the coyote attacked [Mon 10 Feb 2020] on Red Bank Road. The 2nd man was working nearby in his garage when the coyote entered and bit him.

A neighbor shot and killed the coyote the following day and gave the carcass to the Pennsylvania Game Commission. A test confirmed the animal was rabid.
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[[HealthMap/ProMED-mail map of Pennsylvania, United States: <http://healthmap.org/promed/p/46788>
Pennsylvania county map: <https://www.mapofus.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/PA-county.jpg>]

Rabies is a serious disease, and is always fatal in animals. In humans there is post exposure prophylaxis (PEP), which must be given within a prescribed amount of time. Individuals bitten by a rabid animal who do not seek treatment within the narrow window for PEP in all likelihood will die if they develop rabies. Heroic measures have succeeded in preserving the lives of only a handful of individual, and yet their live is never a complete return to normal.


Rabies is a serious disease and should be taken seriously by all individuals, whether you are a pet owner or not. Animal owners,regardless of whether your animal is a horse, or dog, or cow, or cat, or goat, or other animal, vaccinate the animal against this fataldisease. Protect your investment in your farm animals, and protect yourself by vaccinating farm animals and pets.

Rabies can be in wildlife, as these stories note. However, we seldom get one involving an otter. While otters are cute and playful on the nature programs, they are susceptible to rabies, as is any mammal, so it is imperative we be alert to the animals around us, no matter where we are or what animal is involved. - Mod.TG]

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