狂犬病 (14):アメリカ大陸(アルゼンチン),(合衆国),複数の動物,警報



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[1] Argentina (Buenos Aires): bat variant in cat, human, alert [2] USA (Alaska): wild animals, pets, human exposure, alert [3] USA (Florida): raccoon, cat, human exposure, alert
[4] USA (New York): raccoon, possible cattle exposure
[5] USA (Colorado): skunk, horse, dog

[1] アルゼンチン (ブエノスアイレス): コウモリ株の猫への感染,人,警報 [2] 合衆国 (アラスカ): 野生動物, ペット, ヒトの暴露, 警報
[3] 合衆国 (フロリダ): アライグマ, ネコ, ヒトの暴露, 警報
[4] 合衆国 (ニューヨーク): アライグマ, ウシへの暴露の可能性

[5] 合衆国 (コロラド): スカンク, ウマ, イヌ

[1] Argentina (Buenos Aires): bat variant in cat, human, alert
アルゼンチン (ブエノスアイレス): コウモリ株の猫への感染,人,警報 [A]
Date: Sun 30 May 20201
Source: El Popular [in Spanish, machine trans., abridged, edited]
http://www.elpopular.com.ar/nota/158143/rabia-el-mayor-factor-de-peligro- es-la-falta-de-percepcin-del-riesgo

Rabies: the biggest danger factor is the lack of risk perception ----------------------------------------------------------------
The College of Veterinarians of the Province, and the local Food Science

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Directorate warned about the need to prevent rabies through vaccination. All animals should be vaccinated. No matter where they live, in closed yards, apartments, or terraces, the risk is significant and the disease deadly.


---------------------------------------------------------------- 州の獣医科大学,そして地方食品科学局(the local Food Science Directorate) は,ワクチンによる狂犬病予防の必要性を強調している.すべての動物が予防接 種を受けるべきである.囲われた庭,集合住宅,あるいはテラスであろうと,何 処で飼っていても,危険性は重大で致死的な病気である.

"We do prevention against rabies fundamentally with the anti-rabies vaccination of pets," highlighted the Director of Food Science, veterinarian Andrés Castro. 狂犬病予防に関する根本的な方策は,ペットの狂犬病ワクチン接種である」と, 食品科学局長の Andrés Castro 獣医師は強調した.

The issue runs through news agencies again and again and crosses the community as a whole because after 40 years, in the province of Buenos Aires, a woman died in Coronel Suárez as a result of being infected with rabies by a cat that bit her.

この問題は,ブエノスアイレス州において、40 年ぶりに一人の女性が,ネコの 咬傷により狂犬病に感染し Coronel Suárez で死亡した事をきっかけに,通信社 を通じて繰り返し,地域全体に伝えられている.

"It is very difficult to reach the population and for the population to become aware," said the veterinarian. Because despite [there] being a vaccine that can be applied for free in mass vaccination campaigns or even every day in the Bromatology [Food Science] facility; there are people who do not know or underestimate the occurrence of the virus. However, as a veterinarian, Agustín Romero remarked last Sunday [23 May 2021], "rabies is always latent." [and a real threat - Mod.TG] 「全住民に伝達し,全住民が認識するようにすることは大変に困難である」と獣 医師は述べた.無料の集団接種が利用でき,食品科学局で毎日接種できるにもか かわらず,それを知らないまたはウイルスの発生率を過小評価する人々がいる ためである.しかし,Agustín Romero 獣医師は,日曜日[21 5 23 日]に

狂犬病はいつでも潜伏している」と述べた.(そして現実的な脅威である- Mod.TG)

In our city, the sector where the most bats -- they are almost always the vector animals of the virus -- and it is confirmed that they had rabies, is the center. Because they prefer the heights, the buildings, Castro said. And it is also often the sector of the city where most people underestimate or minimize the need to vaccinate pets against rabies. 私達の市では,狂犬病の媒介動物である可能性が非常に高く,狂犬病に罹患して いることが確認されるコウモリは,ほとんどが中心地区にいる.コウモリはビル などの高所を好むためであると,Castro は述べた.そして,市中心部に住んで いるヒトは,ペットに対する狂犬病ワクチン接種の必要性を過小または最小化 している.

It does not matter if the pet lives in an apartment, on a terrace, or inside a house, it should always be vaccinated against rabies, once a year, every year. Because rabies bats have neurological problems, they fall, they do not fly and there are more chances that they will be in contact with the pet in any of these places. ペットが,集合住宅,テラス,あるいは室内で飼育されているかどうかは問題で なく,全てにおいて,毎年,年 1 回の狂犬病予防接種を行うべきである.狂犬病 に罹患したコウモリは,神経症状を呈し,落下して飛べなくなるため,何処で飼 育されているとしても,ペットとコウモリが接触する機会が増える.

"We are among the municipalities working the most on the issue," said Castro, and the statistics support this when it was observed that last year [2020] 80% more domestic animals were vaccinated in the sum of vaccines applied both in the campaign and in the Bromatology area. 「この問題の大部分について,多くの基礎自治体が協働している」と Castro は 述べた。昨年末時点の統計で、集団接種キャンペーン及び食品科学局の両方で接 種されたワクチンの合計から飼育動物の 80%以上がワクチンを受けたことがそ れを支持している..

In a talk promoted by the College of Veterinarians of the Province, this Friday [28 May 2021] the veterinarian Gustavo Martínez marked the lack of perception of risk as important, beyond the legislation that governs and

mandates the vaccination of animals against rabies. 州の獣医科大学によって行われた会見の中で,(21 5 28 日)金曜日に, Gustavo Martínez 獣医師は,動物に対する狂犬病ワクチンに関する法令や命令 よりも,危険性に関する認識の欠如の方が重大であると強調した.

He said that lack of risk perception both by the population and by some professionals, "means there is less vaccination, fewer complaints when a person is bitten by animals, and less epidemiological surveillance," he explained. 彼は,市民及び専門家の一部の双方が危険性に関する認識しないことは,「ワク チン接種数の減少,動物に咬まれたヒトの受診率の低下,疫学調査実施の低下を 意味する」と説明した.

Another problem for the Province, he said, "is that not all municipalities have well-trained zoonoses or veterinary areas." 州にとってそれ以外の問題として「すべての自治体がヒトと動物の共通感染症 及び獣医療領域において十分に訓練されていないことである」と述べた.

Martínez relied on maps and graphics of the Province to indicate that "from 2012 to date, the appearance of positive bats has increased exponentially, but mainly because the surveillance of this species has increased."
は,州の地図及びグラフィックを基に「2012 年から現在まで,狂犬病 陽性コウモリの出現が急速に増加しているが,主な理由はこの種に対する調査 が増加していることである」と述べた.

And he warned, "so far this year [2021] there have been 36 cases of rabies in bats." There are 2 milestones in recent years, the mutation from one species to another. That is the confirmed transmission of rabies from a bat to another animal. In 2017 in Valeria del Mar, and in 2020 the confirmation of a cat with rabies in Balcarce.

そして,彼は「現在のところ,今年(2021 年),コウモリで 36 症例狂犬病が確 認された」と警告した.近年,2 つ節目となる事実,種を超えた変異があった. コウモリから他の動物へ狂犬病の感染が確認された.2017 年に Valeria del Mar, そして 2020 年に Balcarce で,ネコの狂犬病が確認された.

Based on different surveys, he also showed that the number of canines

vaccinated against rabies throughout the Province is estimated to be between 25 and 26 percent, and noted this percentage barely reaches 16 percent in the case of felines.
別の調査に基づき,彼は,州全体でイヌの狂犬病予防接種数は 25 から 26%,ネ コでは 16%にようやく到達したと推定されることも示した.

In conclusion, Castro urged, "every pet should be vaccinated against rabies." 結論として,Castro は「すべてのペットが狂犬病ワクチンを接種すべきである」 と強調した.

Prevention measures
- Compulsory vaccination of dogs and cats from 3 months of age and annual re-vaccination. In the event of an outbreak, other vaccination guidelines can be considered.
- Avoid contact with and feeding unknown dogs and cats to prevent accidents and potentially rabies.
- Avoid contact with bats, especially if they are down or with signs of disease.
3 ヶ月及びその後毎年 1 回の予防接種が義務づけら れている.流行発生時には,追加のワクチンガイドラインが検討される. ・偶発的及び潜在的狂犬病を予防するため,素性が判らないイヌ及びネコを触 ったり給餌することを避ける. ・コウモリを触らない.特に落下している個体や病気の徴候を示すコウモリとの 接触を避ける.


- Following a bite:
- wash the wound with plenty of soap and water;
- do not put alcohol or other disinfectants;
- go quickly to the nearest health center to be treated by the team of health professionals;
- the professional will evaluate the need to prescribe antibiotics, a vaccine with the anti-tetanus component, and specific anti-rabies treatment.


Communicated by: ProMED promed@promedmail.org

[B] Date: Sun 30 May 2021
Source: Outbreak News Today [edited]
http://outbreaknewstoday.com/argentina-reports-1st-human-rabies-case- since-2008/

The Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires together with the Ministry of Health of the Nation of Argentina recently reported a confirmed case of human rabies, according to a Communique from the Uruguay Ministry of Health. ウルグアイ保健省によれば,ブエノスアイレス州健康局とアルゼンチン保健省 は,最近ヒトの狂犬病症例が確認されたとのことだ.

Argentina has not reported a case of human rabies since 2008; however, it registered cases in bats every year in several provinces including Buenos Aires.
アルゼンチンは,2008 年からヒトの狂犬病症例は報告されていなかったが,ブ エノスアイレスを含む幾つかの州では,毎年コウモリの症例は報告されていた.

The case involved a 33-year-old woman living in Coronel Suárez, south center of the Province of Buenos Aires, who had consulted the health service on 18 Apr 2021 due to nervous symptoms (weakness in upper limbs and altered sensation ) which evolved into a deterioration in the level of consciousness, leading to a coma and subsequent death. 症例は,ブエノスアイレス州の中央部南に位置する Coronel Suárez 在住の 33 歳の女性で,21 4 18 日に神経症状(両上肢の虚弱及び感覚異常)のため 受診し,意識レベルの低下から昏睡となり、その後死亡した.

During the investigation and talks with her relatives, the antecedent of a bite by a feline emerged at the beginning of March [2021], and she had not consulted [a physician - Mod.TG] at that time. In this case, by genetic sequencing, the rabies variant has been identified as a bat.

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その女性の関係者に対する調査や証言によると,(2021 年)3 月初旬に猫に噛ま れた事が明らかになり,そしてその女性はその時点では(医者に-Mod.TG)かか らなかった.この症例では,遺伝子解析によれば,狂犬病はコウモリの系統であ る事が確認された.

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[2] USA (Alaska): wild animals, pets, human exposure, alert
合衆国 (アラスカ): 野生動物, ペット, ヒトの暴露, 警報
Date: Thu 3 Jun 2021
Source: Anchorage Daily News [edited]
https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/rural-alaska/2021/06/01/western-alaska- is-experiencing-an-unprecedented-rabies-outbreak-officials-say/

State health and environment officials are warning residents of Western Alaska and the Bering Strait region to vaccinate pets and be wary of wildlife because of an unprecedented rabies outbreak. 州保健環境局高官は,アラスカ西部及びベーリング海峡地方市民に対し,前例の ない狂犬病アウトブレイクのため,ペットへのワクチン接種及び野生動物への 警戒を呼びかけている.

"I don't think we've ever seen such a high number of cases of rabies," said Dr Robert Gerlach with the state Department of Environmental Conservation. 環境保護局の Dr. Robert Gerlach は,「これほど狂犬病症例が多くなったこと はないと思う」と述べた.

The number of rabies cases varies year to year, but the Bering Strait region normally sees only 4 or 5 animals with confirmed cases each year, according

page7image7695040 page7image7695424 page7image7690048page7image7695232

to a statement from Alaska's health and environmental conservation departments. Since October [2020], over 35 cases have been confirmed in the area, officials said. アラスカの保健環境を担当する部局の発表によると,狂犬病症例数は年によっ て異なるが,ベーリング海峡地方では例年 45 頭程度の動物が狂犬病と診断さ れる.当局者によると 2020 10 月からは,35 症例以上がこの地方で診断され た.

Cases have been reported along the coast from Bristol Bay to the North Slope, but Nome had the largest number of cases, Gerlach said.
によれば,症例は,Bristol Bay から North Slope の沿岸に沿って報告 され,Nome で最も多い.

The rabies virus is generally carried by arctic or red foxes, Gerlach said. The arctic fox population usually cycles through high and low stages depending on the population size of the arctic hare. Gerlach said there's an abundance of both animals now, which is contributing to the outbreak. 狂犬病ウイルスは,多くはホッキョクギツネまたはアカギツネによって伝播さ れる.ホッキョクギツネの生息数は,通常ホッキョクウサギの生息数に依存し, 増減を繰り返す.いずれの種も生息数が増大しており,このことがアウトブレイ クに寄与していると,Gerlach は述べた.

"Then we just see an increased interaction among those foxes in the other animals, other carnivores, which have the opportunity to spread the virus," he said. 「そうなると,他の動物や他の食肉動物と,これらのキツネの接触機会が増加し, このことがウイルスが拡散する機会となる」と彼は言った.

Rabies was also confirmed in a river otter, which Gerlach said has not happened in more than 20 years -- showing the extent of spread happening in wild animals.
によれば,狂犬病は,カナダカワウソ 1 頭でも確認されているが,これ は過去 20 年以上なかったことであり,このことは野生動物での広がりを示して いる.

Rabies is a deadly disease and poses a serious public health problem. Animals

who have contracted rabies generally act in one of 2 ways: either they become extremely aggressive, or they enter into a depressed and complacent phase, potentially causing them to wander around disoriented and or defensively attack, Gerlach said. 狂犬病は,致死的な病気であり,公衆衛生上の深刻な問題をもたらす.狂犬病に 罹患した動物は,一般に二通りの行動を示す:過剰な攻撃性を示すか,沈鬱で無 関心になり,無目的に歩き回る及び/または防御的な攻撃をすることがあると,Gerlach は述べた.

Several people have been exposed to dogs who had rabies and underwent a rabies treatment plan or vaccine plan to make sure they were safe, Gerlach said.
によれば,数名が狂犬病に罹患したイヌに暴露し,安全のために狂犬病 の治療計画または予防接種を受けた.

The outbreak was complicated by a simultaneous outbreak of distemper, which often looks similar to rabies and is also deadly for dogs. Distemper has no treatment and has a high mortality rate, and an adult dog has about a 50% chance of survival, Gerlach said. The distemper outbreak made it difficult to discern which disease sick dogs were dealing with, he said. アウトブレイクは,狂犬病と類似しイヌにとって致死的であるジステンパーが 同時にアウトブレイクすることによって,複雑化している.ジステンパーは治療 法がなく及び致死率が高く,成犬の生存率は 50%程度だと,Gerlach は述べた. ジステンパーのアウトブレイクは,病気の犬がどちらの病気に罹患しているか を区別することを困難にする,と彼は述べた.

Both rabies and distemper can be prevented through annual vaccinations for pets, and vaccinations are the best way to protect pets and people because they reduce the chance of spreading disease. 狂犬病及びジステンパーのいずれも,ペットに対し,毎年予防接種をすることで 防ぐことができ,病気が拡散する機会を減少させることにより,ペット及び人を 守る最善の方法となる.

"The other thing is to keep your pet contained and not let them run loose, especially where they might interact with a wild fox or a rabid fox that may enter the community and expose the dog," Gerlach said.

「それ以外にも,特に野生のキツネや病気を地域に持ち込み及びイヌに暴露さ せる可能性がある狂犬病のキツネと接触する可能性がある場所では,ペットを 敷地内にとどめ,放し飼いにしないことです」と Gerlach は述べた.

[Byline: Tess Williams]

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[3] USA (Florida): raccoon, cat, human exposure, alert
合衆国 (フロリダ): アライグマ, ネコ, ヒトの暴露, 警報
Date: Sat 5 Jun 2021
Source: TC Palm (Treasure Coast news) [edited]
https://tcpalm.com/story/news/local/indian-river-county/2021/06/03/rabies- found-indian-river-county-after-person-cat-attacked-raccoon-health-officials- issue-alert/7525477002/

Health officials warned residents to stay clear of wildlife and stray animals after a raccoon with rabies attacked someone and their cat over Memorial Day weekend [29-31 May 2021].
健康局職員は,Memorial Day の週末(21 5 29-31 日)に,狂犬病に罹患 したアライグマに市民とその飼いネコが襲われた事件をうけて,野生動物及び 放浪動物に近づかないように警告した.

The attack occurred on 29 May 2021 and the raccoon tested positive for the deadly virus [2 Jun 2021], according to the Florida Department of Health in Indian River.
Indian River
のフロリダ健康局によれば,攻撃は,21 5 29 日に発生し, アライグマは致死的なウイルス陽性だった(21 6 2 日).

page10image7418240 page10image7417664 page10image7411136page10image7414784 page10image7421312

Spokeswoman Stacy Brock said she could not give details about the person, but said the raccoon did make contact with them and the cat died as a result. Stacy Brock 報道官は,被害者の詳細については提供できないと述べ,そのアラ イグマは彼らに接触し,結果としてネコは死亡したと述べた.

Brock said the person was undergoing preventative treatment for the virus. Brock は,被害者はウイルスに対する暴露後予防をうけていると明らかにした.

The state health agency issued the alert Thursday for a roughly 15-mile [24- km] stretch of Orchid Island between County Road 510 in Wabasso and Round Island Park near the St Lucie County line.
州保健機関は,Wabasso Country Road 510 St Lucie Country line 近くの Island Park の間の Orchid Island の概ね 15 マイル(24km)のエリアに対し て,木曜日にこの問題に関して警告を出した.

In addition, a raccoon tested positive in a Sugar Hill neighborhood of Jensen beach [Martin County]. Also, a bat with rabies was found inside the Treasure coast square Mall in Jenson Beach as well.
更に,Jensen beach 近くの Sugar Hill にいたアライグマが陽性だった.また, Jenson Beach Treasure coast square Mall の敷地内でも,狂犬病陽性のコウ モリが発見された.

[Byline: Corey Arwood]

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[4] USA (New York): raccoon, possible cattle exposure

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[4] 合衆国 (ニューヨーク): アライグマ, ウシへの暴露の可能性
Date: Sat 5 Jun 2021
Source: Buffalo News [edited]
https://buffalonews.com/news/local/racoon-killed-in-somerset-farmers-barn- tests-positive-for-rabies/article_150abbe2-c562-11eb-9996-db42ef25f05c.html

A raccoon was killed by a Somerset farmer Thursday [3 Jun 2021] and was the 4th confirmed rabid raccoon in Niagara County this spring, according to the Niagara County Department of Health.
Niagara Country
保健局は,(21 6 3 日)木曜日に,Somerset の農業者が, この春 Niagara Country で 4 例目となる狂犬病に罹患したアライグマを処分し たと発表した.

Officials said the farmer killed the raccoon after it had entered his barn. The farmer said the animal was acting odd and was in proximity to his cattle. 当局者によれば,農業者は敷地内の納屋に入ったアライグマを処分した.農業者 は,当該アライグマが異常な行動をし,ウシに近づいていったと話した.

Health department officials submitted the animal carcass for testing to the State Department of Health Wadsworth Center, Griffin Laboratory. Even though there was no known contact between the raccoon and the farmer's cattle, arrangements are being made to isolate the cattle for an observation period, officials said. 保健局当局者は,その動物の死体を検査するため州保健局 Wadsworth Center Griffin Laboratory に送致した.アライグマとその農業者の牛の間には接触 はなかったが、その牛は観察のため隔離されることになっていると語った。

Raccoons, skunks, and foxes are all common wildlife carriers of the rabies virus. It is possible that a rabid animal can shed the virus by direct contact before symptoms appear visible, according to county health officials. A rabid animal can be confirmed only by submitting a laboratory sample. アライグマ,スカンク,そしてキツネはいずれも狂犬病ウイルスの一般的な野生 の伝播動物である.郡保健当局者によれば,狂犬病罹患動物は,症状が発現する 前に,直接接触によってウイルスを排出する.狂犬病は,検査室での検査によっ てのみ診断される.


[Byline: Harold McNeil]

Communicated by: Mahmoud Orabi

[Skunks present as a curiosity to cattle, because of the way they move. Also, it is one of the most common animals to bite cattle and horses on their noses, thus transmitting the virus. It seems prudent to observe the cattle for a period of time. - Mod.TG

HealthMap/ProMED map of United States:


New York county map: https://geology.com/county-map/new-york-county-map.gif]

[5] USA (Colorado): skunk, horse, dog
合衆国 (コロラド): スカンク, ウマ, イヌ
Date: Fri 4 Jun 2021
Source: Daily camera [edited]
https://www.dailycamera.com/2021/06/04/five-skunks-test-positive-for- rabies-in-weld-county-horse-tests-positive-in-adams-county/

In recent months, 5 skunks in Weld County have tested positive for rabies, and health officials are reminding people to not touch or go near wild animals. ここ数ヶ月で,Weld County では 5 頭のスカンクが狂犬病検査陽性となり,そ のため保健当局者は,野生動物に触らない,近づかないように注意喚起している.

According to a news release, 2 of the skunks were found between Milliken and Platteville, another 1 was found east of Platteville, and 2 more in the Dacono/Frederick/Erie area.
報道発表では,2 頭のスカンクは Milliken 及び Platteville の間の地域で,1 頭 は Platteville 東部で,そして残り 2 頭は Dacono/Frederick/Erie 地域で発見さ

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In all 5 cases, the skunks acted aggressively, and 4 of the 5 cases involved dogs.
5 症例でスカンクは攻撃性を示し,4 症例でイヌが巻き込まれた.

"Any mammal, including humans, is at risk of contracting rabies," according to the news release. "The risk of human exposure to rabies increases when pets and domestic animals are not properly vaccinated." 報道によれば,「ヒトを含む全てのほ乳類が,狂犬病に罹患する危険性がある」. 「ペットや飼育動物が適切な予防接種を受けていない場合,ヒトが狂犬病に暴 露する危険性が増加する」.

Health officials stress that all domestic animals, such as cats, dogs, horses, and livestock, should be vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian, the release said. 保健当局者は,報道発表の中で,ネコ,イヌ,ウマ,そして家畜など,すべての 飼育動物は,獣医師による狂犬病予防接種を受けるべきであることを強調した.

Signs of rabies include increased saliva and drooling, nocturnal animals seen out during the daytime, and slow or difficult movement. Other signs may include aggressive behavior, such as a wild animal attacking a domestic one. 狂犬病の徴候は,流涎の増加,夜行性動物が昼間に行動する,そしてゆっくりと した行動又は体を動かす事が困難になるなどがある.それ以外にも,野生動物が 飼育動物に対して危害を加えるなどの攻撃行動を示すこともある.

Those who suspect they've been exposed to rabies should contact their medical provider immediately. 狂犬病を疑う動物と接触した場合には,早急に医療機関を受診すべきである.

A miniature horse in Adams County has also recently tested positive for rabies, the 2nd case of rabies in domestic livestock in Colorado this year [2021].
Adams County
のミニチュアホースも,最近狂犬病検査陽性を示し,今年に入 ってから家畜で 2 例目の狂犬病症例となった(2021).

According to a news release, the last equine rabies case in the state was documented in 2013.
報道によれば,州内で最後のウマの狂犬病症例は 2013 年に発生していた.

Shortly after the miniature horse was euthanized, a skunk acting strangely was found and euthanized on the premises, testing positive for rabies as well. ミニチュアホースが,安楽死処分された直後に,異常行動を呈すスカンクが敷地 内で発見され,同様に狂犬病陽性となり安楽死処分された.


"Rabies is a disease caused by a virus affecting the nervous system," the release said. "Rabies causes inflammation of the brain and spinal cord and is nearly always fatal if not treated."

The virus is transmitted in saliva through the bite of an infected animal, or in saliva to an open cut, scratch, or wound.

Community members can prevent exposure to rabies by not feeding, touching, or handling wild animals, being cautious of stray dogs and cats, having domestic animals vaccinated regularly, and being cautious if wild animals suddenly appear friendly or are walking or behaving erratically.

If a person's pet gets into a fight with a wild animal, care should be taken in handling their pet until it is given a bath, or any blood or saliva is washed off. Human rabies exposure may occur from the saliva left on their pet from the wild animal, according to the press release.

Rabies vaccine for pets is widely available and can be found by contacting a licensed veterinarian or checking for low-cost rabies vaccine clinics around the area at Humane Societies and local farm and ranch stores.

[Byline: Sophia Moncaleano]

Communicated by: Mahmoud Orabi ahstandards@gmail.com


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This report deals with quite a variety of areas and animals. Rabies seems prevalent in wildlife and is spilling over into the domestic animals and human populations. Any time bats are involved, rabies should be high on the differential list. この報告では,様々なエリア及び動物について記載されている.狂犬病は野生動 物の中で広く蔓延しており,飼育動物及び人に波及する.コウモリが関与する場 合,常に狂犬病は鑑別診断リストの上位に上げるべきである.

While raccoon distemper and rabies may look somewhat similar in the raccoon, your safety and that of your pets are paramount. Do not take a chance and risk a bite because you think the raccoon is cute and friendly. Some people report raccoons are sluggish and dull mentally when affected with distemper, while they are aggressive when affected by rabies. However, there are 2 forms of rabies, the furious form, and the dumb form. The dumb form is where the animal appears sluggish and dull, moving slowly, and seemingly friendly or as if stunned by falling from a tree. This could as easily be rabies as distemper. This moderator has observed both kinds in raccoons testing positive for rabies. アライグマのジステンパー及び狂犬病はある程度類似して見えるが,あなたと あなたのペットの安全は最優先である.アライグマが可愛くひと懐っこいと思 ったとしても,咬まれるような機会や危険性を招くようなことはしないように. アライグマがジステンパーに罹患すると,不活発になりぼんやりとした精神状 態になり,狂犬病に罹患した場合は攻撃的になるとした報告も一部ある.しかし, 狂犬病には狂躁型と麻痺型の 2 種類,症状がある.麻痺型は,動物は不活発でぼ んやりとし,動きは緩徐となり,そして慣れているように見え,またはまるで木 から落ちて気絶しているようにも見える.このため,狂犬病をジステンパーと見 間違えることがある.筆者は狂犬病陽性のアライグマで,いずれの病型も経験し ている.

While the New York case does not involve humans, the issue of possible cattle

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exposure is important. Most likely these are dairy cattle which means there may be a more close association with humans. ニューヨークの症例ではヒトには感染しなかったが,ウシに暴露する可能性が あることは重要である.乳牛で起こる可能性があると言うことは,ヒトとより密 接に関係する事があるということである.

Likewise, the report from Colorado does not involve humans, but it does involve quite a few animals. I would be surprised if the individuals associated with the miniature horse are not taking post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP). Most horse owners have no problem caring for their ill equine friends and usually, it can mean being exposed to saliva. This article does not mention PEP for the owners of the horse. 同様に,コロラドからの報告でもヒトは感染しなかったが,数頭の動物が感染し ている.ミニチュアホースに関わっていたヒトが,暴露後接種(PEP)を受けて いないことは驚きである.多くのウマの飼育者は,通常,友人である病気のウマ の手当てをしても問題はないが、それは唾液に暴露するということを意味する ことがあります.この報告では,馬の飼育者に対する PEP については注意が払 われていない.

If you are bitten, scratched, or exposed to saliva from an animal testing positive for rabies, or an animal whose behavior is questionable and the animal is unable to be tested, please consult a physician. In any case, wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water and seek medical attention. Medical personnel may recommend post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP). - Mod.TG] もしあなたが,狂犬病陽性,又は狂犬病を疑われるが検査できないような動物に, 咬まれる,引っ掻かれる,もしくは接触した場合には,医療機関を受診して下さ い.いずれの場合でも,石鹸および水で傷をあらい,医療介入をうける.医療者 は,暴露後予防(PEP)を推奨するだろう.

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