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[1] Texas (Kendall, Bexar, Kerr Counties): multiple animals
[2] Texas (Kerr County): raccoon, fox
[3] Texas (Tarrant and Denton Counties): cow
[4] Texas (Nolan County): rabid animal warning
[5] North Carolina (Davidson County): fox, human exposure
[6] Kentucky (Woodford County): bat, child

[1] テキサス(ケンダル、ベクサー、カー郡):複数の動物

[2] テキサス(カー郡):アライグマ、キツネ

[3] テキサス(タラントおよびデントン郡):牛

[4] テキサス(ノーラン郡):狂犬病動物への警告

[5] ノースカロライナ(デビッドソン郡):キツネ、ヒトへの暴露

[6] ケンタッキー(ウッドフォード郡):コウモリ、子供
[1] Texas (Kendall, Bexar, Kerr Counties): multiple animals
Date: Fri 19 Apr 2024
Source: KSAT News [edited]


情報源:KSAT News [編集済]

Local counties reporting more rabies cases in months than in entire years; state veterinarian says it's not a spike

Several counties surrounding Bexar County appear to be experiencing bumps in the number of rabies cases, though a state veterinarian says it's not enough to qualify as a spike.


Hundreds of cases of the often fatal disease are reported in Texas, typically in wild animals like skunks, bats, foxes and raccoons. But less than 4 months into 2024, Comal, Guadalupe, Kerr and Kendall Counties have all reported roughly as many, or even more, cases than they have in entire recent years.



Kerr County, for example, says it has found 8 cases so far in 2024, compared to just 4 cases in 2023. Not all of the Kerr County cases are reflected in the latest Texas Department of State Health Services cases map, which was last updated 12 Apr 2024.

DSHS [Dept of State Health Services] data also shows 6 cases in Comal County so far compared to 4 in all of 2023, 4 cases in Kendall County compared to 3 cases last year, and 4 cases in Guadalupe County compared to 5 last year [2023].


Bexar County, though, appears to be roughly within its normal range. Only 3 cases have been reported so far, but there were 11 cases in both 2023 and 2022.


"We can definitely call it an increase from previous years, but it's not to the level of a spike concerning any different action needing to be taken than any other normal public health action for rabies," said Dr. Amanda Kieffer, the zoonosis control veterinarian for DSHS Region 8.


Kieffer said they periodically see "epizootics" -- or clusters of cases -- in particular areas, which could involve various factors.

"A lot of it does have to do with those animals being out and the weather changing. It is -- or was just recently -- mating season for skunks. And now they're going into, litter season. So, they are more likely to be out encountering other animals," Kieffer said.

Kerr County Cases


In Kerr County, there have been 8 rabies cases since 8 Mar 2024, including one family dog.


The latest cases involved a fox and a raccoon.

The raccoon was found in the northeastern part of the county off Whiskey Canyon Road. The fox was found in a backyard on West Main Street in Kerrville.

"In both of these cases, the deceased animals were found near homes and, in each instance, the dead, wild animal may have been in close contact with the families' pets," KCAS Director Reagan Givens said.

Texas law recommends pets be euthanized if they come in contact with an animal confirmed to be rabid. If pet owners are unwilling, and their pet was current on their vaccinations at the time of exposure, then they must follow a protocol including revaccination and confinement for 45 days. If they were not up to date on their rabies vaccine, the confinement increases to 90 days with vaccination and booster shots.

"If you have not gotten your family pets vaccinated against rabies -- a terrible, viral and deadly disease attacking the central nervous system -- then I would say there is no time like the present," Givens said. "We've now had 8 cases this year [2024] in 4 different types of mammals, both inside city limits and out in a rural area. Rabies is in Kerr County right now. You never know when you or your family pets will encounter a rabid animal, so please take the necessary precautions."

KCAS officials said on Easter Sunday [31 Mar 2024], a pet owner euthanized a pet dog after it bit a neighbor. KCAS retrieved a sample for testing, but the sample was "untestable." It was presumed positive for rabies.


Anyone who notices an animal acting strange or appearing sick should report it to Kerr County Animal Services.

Kendall County Cases



Kendall County Animal Control (KCAC) has confirmed 4 cases of rabies.

All of the cases were centered around the area of Coveney Ranch and Rusty Lane off Highway 46 East, according to a press release from KCAC.

The most recent case involved a fox who bit a human. That person is in the process of receiving the post-exposure rabies shots.

People can report sick animals to Kendall County Animal Control or make a report with Boerne Dispatch.

Rabies is typically found in wild animals like bats, raccoons, skunks and foxes, but can be found in dogs coming into contact with the infected animals.

The virus is deadly but preventable. It infects the central nervous system, though signs may not appear for weeks or even months, according to the CDC.

Someone infected with rabies will feel flu-like symptoms such as weakness or discomfort, fever or headache, and discomfort at the site of the bite.

Symptoms will lead to cerebral dysfunction, anxiety, confusion and agitation, and then progress to delirium, abnormal behavior, hallucinations, hydrophobia and insomnia.

People bitten or scratched by wildlife or unfamiliar animals should speak with a healthcare or public health professional. The virus is nearly always fatal after the clinical signs of rabies appear.

For more information on the virus, go to https://www.cdc.gov/rabies/index.html.

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[2] Texas (Kerr County): raccoon, fox
Date: Wed 17 Apr 2024
Source: My San Antonio [edited]
[2] テキサス(カー郡):アライグマ、キツネ

日付: 2024年4月17日(水)

情報源: マイ・サンアントニオ[編集済]

Kerr County confirms 7th and 8th case of rabies in raccoon, fox



The American red fox (_Vulpes vulpes fulva_) is a North American subspecies of the red fox. It is the largest of the true foxes and one of the most widely distributed members of the order Carnivora, occurring in North America.
アメリアカギツネ(_Vulpes vulpes fulva_)はアカギツネの北米亜種である。真のキツネの中では最も大きく、食肉目の中で最も広く分布し、北アメリカに生息している。


Multiple cases of rabies have been discovered in the Texas Hill Country in the past few months with additional cases eclipsing previous years' totals. Kerr County Animal Services (KCAS) is urging the community to take action to prevent their 4-legged friends from being affected by the disease.

Kerr County confirmed 2 cases of rabies in the region, which brings the total cases of rabies to 8, according to a Facebook post from the county.

"If you have not gotten your family pets vaccinated against rabies -- a terrible, viral, and deadly disease attacking the central nervous system -- then I would say there is no time like the present," said KCAS Director Reagan Givens in the social media post. "We've now had 8 cases this year [2024] in 4 different types of mammals, both inside city limits and out in a rural area. Rabies is in Kerr County right now. You never know when you or your family pets will encounter a rabid animal, so please take the necessary precautions."

The 7th case was found in a dead raccoon in northeastern Kerr County off Whiskey Canyon Ranch Road on Thursday, 11 Apr 2024. Animal control collected the raccoon after a call about it and sent a sample to the zoological lab for testing, according to the post. The 8th case was uncovered in a fox on West Main Street in Kerrville on the same day. A sample from the fox was also sent out for testing.


By Friday, 12 Apr 2024, both results confirmed the animals tested positive for rabies.


"In both of these cases, the deceased animals were found near homes and, in each instance, the dead, wild animal may have been in close contact with the families' pets," Givens added in the post.


Both families were informed of a protocol dictated by Texas law, which states if a dog or cat is bitten or in contact with an animal with rabies, they should be euthanized. Givens said most pet owners aren't willing to put their animals down but are "dictated" by the pet's rabies shots being current during the time of exposure.


If a pet is vaccinated it must be re-vaccinated and confined for 45 days. An animal without an up-to-date vaccine must get a shot as soon as possible and be isolated for 90 days with booster shots given in the 3rd and 8th week of confinement.


"These steps may seem strict, but they really are there to make sure we prevent the spread of rabies from animal to animal and wild or domestic animal to humans," Givens said in the post.

The 8 rabies cases so far this year [2024] are the 2nd-highest case count in recent years. Last year [2023], 4 rabies cases were found, there were 2 cases in 2022, 9 in 2021, and 4 in 2020, according to the post.
今年[2024年] のこれまでの狂犬病患者数8件は、近年で2番目に多い患者数である。昨年(2023年)は4件、2022年は2件、2021年は9件、2020年は4件であった。


If residents see an animal acting odd or ill, they are asked to report it to Kerr County Rabies and Animal Control.

[Byline(記事): Gabriel Romero]

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[3] Texas (Tarrant and Denton Counties): cow
Date: Fri 19 Apr 2024
Source: CBS News [edited]
[3] テキサス州(タラント郡、デントン郡):牛

日付: 2024年4月19日(金)

情報源: CBSニュース[編集済]

Dead cow in Southlake tests positive for rabies: Police

サウスレイクの牛の死体から狂犬病陽性反応: 警察
A cow found dead near North Kimball Avenue between East Dove Road and East Highland Street in Southlake tested positive for rabies, police said Friday [19 Apr 2024].


According to the Southlake Police Department, 6 cows in possible contact with the deceased animal have been quarantined.


"No human exposures have been reported," Southlake police said in a news release. "It is important to remember to vaccinate pets against the rabies virus and to seek immediate medical attention if you believe a person or animal has been exposed to a diseased animal through physical contact, such as a bite, scratch, or exposure to fluids such as saliva. Rabies is almost always fatal once signs or symptoms appear."


Southlake residents are being urged to call Keller Regional Animal Services to "report any wildlife acting strangely. Things to look for include aggression and animals appearing sick or sluggish," the release said.
サウスレイクの住民は、ケラー地域アニマル・サービスに「奇妙な行動をとる野生動物がいたら報告する」よう呼びかけられている。探すべきものは、攻撃的であったり病気の様だったり不審に見える動物が含まれます "とリリースは述べている。


"Take extra precaution if you encounter wildlife not showing a typical fear of humans or nocturnal animals out during the daytime. Do not approach any animal exhibiting these behaviors."


CBS News Texas will provide additional details as they become available.
CBS News Texasでは、詳細が入り次第お伝えする。

[Byline(記事): Doug Myers]

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[4] Texas (Nolan County): rabid animal warning
Date: Tue 23 Apr 2024
Source: KTXS [edited]
[4] テキサス州(ノーラン郡):狂犬病動物注意報

日付: 2024年4月23日(火)

情報源: KTXS[編集済]

Rabid animal confirmed in Sweetwater

The City of Sweetwater has confirmed a positive case of rabies in the area.


The Sweetwater Animal Shelter is reminding the community to make sure their pets are up-to-date on their vaccines.


Texas Department of State Health Services says rabies is a deadly virus of the central nervous system which can spread from the bite or saliva of an infected animal.


A rabies infection can only be treated through a series of shots from a healthcare professional. Anyone who thinks they may be infected is encouraged to seek immediate medical care.



The City of Sweetwater is asking the community to follow these tips to prevent the spread of rabies:
- Do not feed, handle, or touch wild animals such as bats, skunks, and raccoons.
- Teach children to stay away from wild or deceased animals.
- Do not allow pets to roam freely, as free-roaming increases their chance of exposure without your knowledge.
- Keep your pet's rabies vaccination current.
- Immediately contact a veterinarian if your pet is bitten or scratched by a wild animal.
- Consult with a physician immediately after possible rabies exposure.
- Report all animal bites to animal control authorities; the biting animal must be quarantined or tested for rabies.
- Signs of rabies in animals include: abnormal behavior such as nocturnal animals being active during the day, approaching humans or other animals, difficulty with movement and unusual sounds.


A wild animal allowing someone to approach or handle it is probably sick or hurt and will bite in self-defense.

[Bylin(記事)e: Felicity Neptune]

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[5] North Carolina (Davidson County): fox, human exposure
Date: Tue 23 Apr 2024
Source: WXII12 [edited]
[5] ノースカロライナ(デビッドソン郡):キツネ、人体暴露

日付: 2024年4月23日(火)

情報源: WXII12[編集済]

Fox with rabies attacks person in Davidson County

The Davidson County Health Department said a fox suffering from rabies is dead after attacking a person.


The health department said it received reports of a positive rabies case in the Thomasville area near the intersection of Motsinger Road and Old Greensboro Road on Sunday [21 Apr 2024].


Health officials said a person was attacked by a fox while gardening. They said a neighbor killed the animal and asked animal control for help.


The health department said the injured person sought medical treatment.


Health officials said this is the 4th lab-confirmed case of rabies in Davidson County this year [2024].

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[6] Kentucky (Woodford County): bat, child
Date: Thu 25 Apr 2024
Source: WKYT [edited]
[6] ケンタッキー(ウッドフォード郡):コウモリ、子供

日付: 2024年4月25日(木)

情報源: WKYT[編集済]

Rabid bat bites sleeping Kentucky boy
The Woodford County Health Department said a bat has tested positive for rabies after biting a child in the Oak Street area of Midway in Woodford County.


"We were contacted by family in Midway, and they stated that when their son woke up, the bat was attached to his neck," said Cassie Prather of the Woodford County Health Department.


It was then the health department suggested the boy and his family go to the emergency room for treatment.


"The person is okay and receiving post-exposure prophylaxis per CDC guidelines, especially when you know that the person was bitten," Prather said.


Cassie Prather, the public health director for the Woodford County Health Department, says sometimes, when bats bite, it's hard to even notice.


"Typically, the injury is very small. I mean, bats have teeth that are as small as just little tiny needles, so a lot of times you don't even know you've been bitten," said Prather.


Prather said it is important to notice abnormal behaviors in animals.


"When you have an animal such as a bat inside your home and they are nocturnal animals so if they are out during the day it is classified as untypical behavior," said Prather.

If you run into a situation where you think you've been bitten by a rabid animal, it's important to stay calm.


"Don't freak out if you come into contact with a bat. There is time for you to receive the medication, the post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) that's needed to make sure you do not get rabies," Prather said.


Panther also noted something else that's important to note is don't let this specific situation keep you up at night.


"Definitely, want to be vigilant moving forward again getting your animals vaccinated and reporting any kind of wild animal acting suspiciously," said Prather.


It is also important to know the last time your pets had rabies shots.

[Byline(記事): Ben Beddoes]

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[Rabies can occur in any mammal, including humans and non-human primates. Bats are especially known for carrying and transmitting rabies. Their teeth are razor sharp and known to bite their victim, often without the victim feeling it. So, bats in your room, your home, or if you are attacked, are especially concerning events. If you find a bat in your home, do not take chances but seek medical help right away.


Please keep your pets up to date on their rabies vaccines. Check with your veterinarian on how often your pet needs vaccine and make sure you protect your pet.


Remember, wild animals which seem friendly when normally they are more skittish of human contact could have rabies. Rabies can be transmitted from a wild animal to one of your pets, so please keep your pet keep your pet up-to-date on this vaccine. Some animals with rabies may be more furious and vicious toward you or your pets, and these also may have rabies.


Keep a watchful eye on pets and children and stay safe. - Mod.TG]

ペットや子どもたちから目を離さず、安全に過ごしてください。- 編集者注]


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