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[1] Alabama: bait distribution

[1] アラバマ州:ベイトの散布
[2] Maryland: coyote, human and dog exposure

[2] メリーランド州:コヨーテ、ヒト及びイヌ暴露
[3] Virginia: raccoon, possible human exposure

[4] New York: cat, 16 human exposures

[5] Massachusetts: raccoon, human exposure


[1] Alabama: bait distribution

Date: Thu 1 Oct 2020
Source: ABC News [edited]

Hundreds of thousands of rabies oral vaccination baits will be dropped over several north Alabama counties to combat a significant public health threat in your backyard.


The USDA will fly over Jefferson, Shelby, Tuscaloosa, and Morgan counties through 6 Oct [2020] on a mission to drop the vaccination baits in areas where raccoons and coyotes can eat them. The goal is to stop the spread of the deadly viral disease among wild animals and protect pets and people.


Authorities say it is best to leave the bait where you find it unless it is on your lawn or driveway, where it is not likely to attract araccoon, fox, or coyote. While wearing a glove, you can move the bait to a wooded area where a wild animal will be more likely to find it and get the protection against rabies.


Rabies infects the brain and spinal cord of mammals and is spread from exposure to saliva or nervous tissue from an infected animal, usually through a bite.


The Alabama Department of Public Health tracks rabies cases. So far in 2020, 40 cases have been confirmed across Alabama.Jefferson County has the most with 5 [cases]. Those 5 cases involve 3 raccoons and 2 bats. Raccoons make up the majority of rabies cases in Alabama each year.
[Byline: Stephen Gallien]


[Stephen Gallien]

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[2] Maryland: coyote, human and dog exposure

Date: Fri 2 Oct 2020 7:34 p.m. EDT
Source: WTOP News [edited]

The coyote that was killed after attacking 3 people in Rockville, Maryland, on Thursday [1 Oct 2020] tested positive for rabies, town officials announced Friday [2 Oct 2020].


The coyote attacked a 59-year-old woman and her dog at about 10 a.m. Thursday [2 Oct 2020] around Windsor Court, a 12-year-old boy on the Upper Watts Branch Trail at Nelson Street and College Parkway, and a 39-year-old woman around Redland and Gaither roads, the town said in a release. The 3 people were treated and released for injuries; the dog is being quarantined.

そのコヨーテは、木曜日[2020年10月1日]午前10時頃、59歳の女性と飼い犬をWindsor Court付近で襲い、その後Nelson Street及びCollege Parkwayに接続するハイキングコースであるUpper Watts Branch Trailで12歳男児を、Redland及びGaither通り付近で39歳女性を襲ったと、発表の中で町は明らかにした。3人は、傷の治療を受け退院し、攻撃を受けた犬は検疫を受けている。

The Rockville police said they found the coyote along West Gude Drive at about 4:45 p.m., and the coyote charged at an officer. The officer shot the coyote, who ran into a wooded area near Aster Boulevard and Carnation Drive. They found the coyote with a thermal imaging camera and put it down.

Rockville警察は、午後4時45分頃に当該コヨーテをWest Gude通り沿いで発見し、警察官が捕獲したと発表した。警察官は、Aster Bouleverdとカーネーション通り付近の森に逃げ込もうとしたところを、発砲した。警察はサーマルカメラでコヨーテを発見し、殺処分した。

Rockville asked anyone who may have had contact with the coyote to call the Montgomery County Health Department to talk about what should be done next. Rabies is fatal to people if it is left untreated.
[Byline: Rick Massimo]


[Rick Massimo]

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Rockville, Maryland, United States:

[3] Virginia: raccoon, possible human exposure

Date: Fri 2 Oct 2020 12:42 p.m. EDT
Source: NBC [edited]

Henrico County Police confirmed the 5th rabies case of 2020 in the

On 1 Oct [2020], Henrico Police Animal Protection responded to the 3000 block of Silverbush Court in the Brookland District for the report of an aggressive raccoon. Officers discovered a resident had been chased by a raccoon as they exited their home to walk to their car. The resident was able to escape from the animal after it had initially grabbed them by the shoe.

Henrico警察動物保護部門は、[2020年]10月1日にBrookland区のSilverbush Court3000番地から、攻撃的なアライグマの報告を受け、対応した。警察官は、住民の1人が家から出て車まで歩いた際にアライグマに追いかけられた事を明らかにした。住民は、そのアライグマに靴を捕まれたが、逃げることが出来た。

The raccoon was submitted to the State Lab for testing and was tested positive for rabies. The person involved in the incident has been notified and is consulting with the Health Department. There were no additional animal or human exposures reported.


Henrico Police Animal Protection reminds everyone to be sure to keep their pets' rabies vaccinations current to ensure the safety of their pets and the community.

On 17 Oct [2020] from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., the Henrico County Police Division will provide rabies vaccines for dogs and cats. Pet owners must register and pay at the cashier's office in the Administration Building before seeing a veterinarian on the 1st level of the parking deck. Those who plan on attending should wear a protective face mask and maintain social distancing due to COVID-19. Each vaccine costs $10.00 and must be paid in cash.
Please report abnormal wildlife behavior and any possible rabies exposures to the Henrico Police Non-Emergency Communications Center.
[Byline: Adrianna Hargrove]


[Adrianna Hargrove]
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[4] New York: cat, 16 human exposures

Date: Fri 2 Oct 2020
Source: WHAM [edited]

A cat in Sparta has tested positive for rabies after confirmation by the New York State Department of Health. Livingston County Public Health Director Jennifer Rodriguez said test results came back positive on Thu 1 Oct 2020.

Spartaで、ネコがニューヨーク州健康局により確認された後、狂犬病陽性となった。Livingston郡公衆衛生責任者のJennifer Rodriguezは、2020年10月1日に、陽性結果が出たと述べた。

The cat, which was a feral kitten, had come in contact with 16 people before testing took place. Each person will need to undergo rabies post-exposure treatment.


Mammals are at risk of contracting the deadly rabies virus, which attacks the central nervous system. It is most often found inraccoons, skunks, and bats in Livingston County.


Signs of rabies include an inability to walk, a "drunken" appearance, drooling, aggressive behavior, and no desire for eating or drinking. All potential rabies exposure incidents should always be reported to your county's Department of Health.

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Livingston County, New York, United States:

[5] Massachusetts: raccoon, human exposure

Date: Fri 16 Oct 2020 10:00 p.m. EDT
Source: CBS Boston [edited]

A raccoon that attacked a young child in Arlington had rabies. It happened Wednesday [14 Oct 2020] afternoon in the family's backyard on Fountain Road. The child's mother stopped the attack and chased the animal away. The child suffered bites and scratches.

Arlingtonで幼児を襲ったアライグマは、狂犬病だった。[2020年10月14日]水曜日の午後、Fountain Roadの家族の家の裏庭で、事件が起きた。母親は、攻撃をやめさせ追いかけ、動物は逃げた。子どもは、咬傷と搔傷を受けた。

Arlington Police captured a large lethargic raccoon nearby, which tested positive for rabies. The raccoon was humanely euthanized. "While we do not believe there is any current danger to the community, we wanted to notify residents about this incident so they can be vigilant about protecting their loved ones and pets," Arlington Police Chief Julie Flaherty said.
The child, who is under the age of 5, is expected to be OK.

Arlington警察は、近隣で大きな脱力したアライグマを捕獲し、検査したところ狂犬病陽性だった。アライグマは、人道的に安楽死された。「現時点では社会に対するいかなる脅威もないと考えているが、市民が、愛する人やペットを守るため注意できるように、この事件について注意喚起したい」と、Arlington警察Julie Flaherty署長は述べた。

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Arlington, Massachusetts, United States:
[Those who have been exposed are reminded to wash the wound with soap and water and seek medical attention. Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is needed; without it, rabies is almost always a deadly disease.

We need to build a barrier between this disease and ourselves. One way of building it is to vaccine our animals. Most counties have some type of rabies ordinance requiring pets to be vaccinated. The wise owner will make sure pets and livestock are vaccinated.

Almost any mammal is susceptible to the rabies virus. Don't take chances with your life. If they are pets, however large or small,vaccinate them. Most counties/states have a rabies prevention law. Vaccinating your pet forms a barrier between you and the disease as well as protecting your pet.

Once exposed, unvaccinated animals, companion animals, or our livestock will be euthanized. Exposed individuals are advised to take post-exposure prophylaxis. If you come into contact with wildlife, remember they can become infected with rabies. Be cautious of them. Animals normally afraid of you may appear more likely to come to you. Sometimes the animal may beaggressive, but sometimes the dumb form of rabies may mean the animal seems more friendly or outgoing than usual.

People cannot transmit rabies to other people unless they are sick with rabies. PEP will protect you from developing rabies, and,therefore, you cannot expose other people to rabies. You can continue to participate in your normal activities
(<https://www.cdc.gov/rabies/medical_care/index.html>). - Mod.TG]

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